Unveiling the Beauty Revolution: Embark on a Vegan Beauty Adventure!


30 May 2023

Join Koktail on a fantastical journey into ethical beauty and sustainable living, where each purchase becomes an act of kindness to animals, the environment, and ourselves.

Did you know that vegan beauty products not only offer a kinder alternative but also harness the magic of plant-based ingredients to work wonders on your skin? In recent years, it has evolved from a trend to a lifestyle embraced by millennials and Gen Z-ers who seek vegan options not only in their diet but also in cosmetics and clothing. Get ready to dive into the world of vegan beauty with these essential tips, along with Koktail's archives of vegan beauty brands destined to leave you glowing, inside and out—guilt-free!



Decode the Labels

Don't be fooled by tricky packaging! Keep an eye out for those enchanting words "vegan" or "cruelty-free" on beauty and skincare products. Look for certifications from rockstar organisations like B Corp, Leaping Bunny, or PETA.

Enhance your personal style and leave a lasting impression with Le Labo's freshly hand-blended artisanal perfumes. With a commitment to high-quality ingredients, Le Labo crafts a range of exquisite fragrances by combining natural essential oils with controlled-environment synthetics. Recognized by B Corporation for their dedication to sustainability, social responsibility, and transparency, Le Labo's scents, such as "Santal 33" and "Rose 31," have gained popularity among fragrance enthusiasts.

For more information, visit Le Labo.



Plant-Powered Goodness

Give your skin a veggie boost! Choose products bursting with plant-based ingredients. Say goodbye to animal-derived stuff and hello to the wonders of natural and essential oils. Your skin will thank you with a radiant glow!

For skincare enthusiasts, Aesop creates formulations with meticulous attention to detail, offering a holistic approach to personal care. Gaining a global reputation for its exceptional quality and focus on botanical ingredients. Having earned Leaping Bunny recognition, Aesop continues to delightfully conquer the world of skincare, one radiant face at a time.

For more information, visit Aesop. 



Packaging with Pzazz

Let's save the planet while looking fab! Keep an eye out for those eco-friendly packages that are recyclable or biodegradable.

When it comes to sustainable packaging and hair care, Aveda stands out as a leading choice, embracing the mantra, "It's what's inside that counts." Aveda champions thicker hair with 100% vegan care, utilising nature's abundant botanical extracts. Moreover, they lead the way in environmentally responsible packaging by being the first beauty company to use 100% post-consumer recycled materials! With the Leaping Bunny status, we can all count on Aveda being a cruelty-free product.

For more information, visit Aveda.



Cruelty-Free Tools

Let your beauty tools match your compassionate spirit! Embrace brushes, sponges, and all those wonderful gadgets made from synthetic fibres or other vegan materials. Leave those animal hair brushes behind because, honey, cruelty-free is the way to go!

Elevate your beauty routine with thoughtfully crafted vegan brushes from Hourglass. Each brush in the collection features PETA-approved, high-grade Taklon bristles known for their ultra-soft texture, enabling seamless blending and flawless application. Hourglass cosmetics are PETA-approved, keeping you ethical, stylish, and oh-so-fabulous!

For more information, visit hourglass



Kitchen Magic

Who needs a fancy spa when you have your very own kitchen?

Whip up delightful homemade face masks, scrubs, and hair treatments using vegan ingredients straight from your shelves. Avocado face mask, anyone? Or how about a tantalising sugar and coconut oil scrub for that smooth and exfoliated glow?


Koktail wholeheartedly endorses the importance of making sustainable choices when it comes to our skincare and beauty routines. Therefore, all the brands presented are certified and do not test on animals. By opting for vegan and cruelty-free products, we not only take a stand against animal cruelty but also embrace the power of nature's bountiful ingredients.