8 Things to Know About the Newly Opened 'LV The Place' in Bangkok

Discover 'LV The Place Bangkok' at Gaysorn Amarin, a dazzling fusion of fashion, culinary art, and culture within Louis Vuitton’s world

Recently, anyone passing by Gaysorn Amarin would have noticed the eye-catching, diamond-shaped façade. It is because Louis Vuitton has just unveiled its latest venture, 'LV The Place Bangkok', situated within the upscale Gaysorn Amarin. This new destination blends fashion, culinary arts, and culture into an unprecedented experience. Here’s what you need to know:



The Must-Know Story Behind the Iconic Monogram

The first thing that catches the eye is the building’s giant diamond-shaped façades that glow at night, a visual feast that hints at the innovative experiences awaiting inside.

This spectacle is a nod to the maison’s renowned iconic monogram pattern, which features a diamond-shaped motif with interlocking “LV” letters and stylised floral elements.

Originating from the personal emblem of the founder, Louis Vuitton himself, the “Monogram Flower” or “Monogram Louis Vuitton” floral motif is an adaptation of the quatrefoil—a traditional French design motif. Characterised by four overlapping circles or petals, it creates a symmetrical and visually appealing shape, symbolising elegance, luxury, and personal style. Louis’s son, George Vuitton, was instrumental in the brand’s expansion and development after his father’s passing. In 1896, George introduced the iconic Monogram Canvas as a means to combat counterfeiting and distinguish Louis Vuitton’s products from imitations, further popularising and cementing the use of the LV monogram and floral designs in the brand’s offerings.

Over the years, the Monogram Flower has become synonymous with the Louis Vuitton brand, prominently featured in their iconic monogram canvas, leather goods, and various collections, reflecting the brand’s rich heritage and legacy in the fashion world.



The Ultimate Guide to ‘LV The Place’

A Complete Encounter: 'LV The Place' offers an all-inclusive experience featuring a delightful boutique, café, exhibition space, and Chef Gaggan Anand's restaurant.

On the ground level, guests are greeted by the inviting ambiance of the café and the immersive experience of the “Visionary Journeys” exhibition. This collaborative effort between Louis Vuitton and OMA explores the rich heritage of the Maison, showcasing its legacy. The scenographic experience, developed by architectural firm OMA and Partner Shohei Shigematsu, marks the first instalment of OMA and Louis Vuitton’s collaborative partnership.

Ascending to the upper level, visitors discover the store alongside Chef Gaggan’s celebrated restaurant, making ‘LV The Place’ a full experience.



How Many Iconic Bags Are Inside LV’s ‘Visionary Journeys’ Exhibition?

The "Visionary Journeys" exhibition offers an immersive look at Louis Vuitton's heritage, celebrating Louis Vuitton’s innovation, savoir-faire and the spirit of travel through a series of engaging displays and themed rooms.

At its heart lies a display of 96 trunk modules arranged into a tunnel, symbolising the craft and innovation behind Louis Vuitton's beginnings. Trunks from the late 19th century illustrate how Louis Vuitton began as a packer and trunk-maker. The “Origins” section pays tribute to the Vuitton family’s legacy, while “Iconic Bags” celebrates 25 years of fashion landmarks with five iconic bags (Alma, Keepall, Speedy, Noé, and the Petite Malle). These pieces have been given new life by the Maison’s artistic directors - Marc Jacobs, Kim Jones, Nicolas Ghesquière, Virgil Abloh, and Pharrell Williams.

To emphasise the unique shape, form and importance of these icons, 21 bags and 2 ready-to-wear looks are captured in 19 clear acrylic bubbles that convey the collective contribution of these visionary designers. The penultimate space, Collaboration, dives into the artistic relationships that have yielded some of the most popular and memorable bags in fashion history. Reimagined by Stephen Sprouse, Richard Prince, Takashi Murakami or Yayoi Kusama, 7 original creations speak to the boundless potential of collaboration, while a semi-circle of animated screens transforms a backdrop of 184 chrome-dipped bags into a cinematic showcase of each artist’s distinct pattern. The exhibition concludes with a Giveaway Room, offering visitors the chance to collect souvenirs.



The Flavours of Luxury: Inside 'Gaggan at Louis Vuitton' - South Asia's First Culinary Gem

"Gaggan at Louis Vuitton" marks the maison's first restaurant in South Asia, presenting a seasonal menu infusing Thai flavours with Louis Vuitton's signature style codes, created by renowned Indian chef Gaggan Anand.

The fine dining restaurant accommodates ten Italian marble tables where diners are treated to a Louis Vuitton exclusive menu, inspired by the 5 “S” principles – Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy, and Surprise. Dishes range from Thai-inspired lobster to a mushroom creation adorned in a Damier pattern.

Lunch sessions are at 12:00 and 12:30, with dinner reservations at 18:00 and 19:00. Evening guests also have the option of private dining. The pricing is set at THB 4,000++ for an eight-course lunch and THB 8,000++ for a lavish 17-course dinner. Additionally, there’s an option for a Wine Journey at THB 6,000++.



The only Louis Vuitton Café in the world to serve ‘Mango Sticky Rice Fizz’.

Also located on the ground floor, "Le Café" marks Louis Vuitton’s premier café  in Thailand and its second across Southeast Asia. This café serves up a selection of delights in a setting inspired by botany, with each dish and drink adorned with the maison’s iconic motifs.

The café's interior, using natural elements like wood and plants, reflects the region's climate. A notable feature is the large, curved counter displaying desserts for customers to savour at their leisure.

The patisserie selection includes cakes, tarts, parfaits and ice cream sandwiches in an array of flavours, each decorated with a signature Louis Vuitton flourish. Specialties include the Star Blossom Cake, a concoction of chocolate and caramel; the Monogram Cake, blending pistachio with orange blossom; and the locally inspired Mango Sticky Rice Fizz, a refreshing beverage made with mango and sticky rice-infused syrup, topped off with a dash of tonic water.

See the full menu here.



Exclusive finds you'll love, available only at this store

Surrounded by vintage furniture and colourful artworks, the store provides an immersive and contemporary shopping experience with unique items including the Alma Nano Rainbow, available in five colours, a women’s Cruise 2024 T-shirt available in four colours, and a men’s LV Trainer Upcycling sneaker in a unique colourway. These products are worldwide exclusives and only available at this store.



The mascot's new name

Louis Vuitton's mascot name was changed due to cultural appropriation.  Personalisation is available through hot stamping with a special 'Nong (meaning younger sibling in Thai) Vivienne' design, created especially for the opening, adding a personal touch to the luxury shopping experience.



There are many ways to get to 'LV The Place' (if any bookings are still available).

Situated within Gaysorn Amarin on Ploenchit Rd, 'LV The Place' offers easy access for both locals and tourists. Additionally, Gaysorn Amarin is directly connected to the Chit Lom BTS skytrain station, further facilitating accessibility for all visitors. Whether arriving by bus, MRT, or even boat, guests can effortlessly reach their destination at 'LV The Place'.