Friday Future Lister: Verse and Vision: The Artistic Journey of Rossanee Nurfarida

Rossanee Nurfarida, a media studies graduate, discovered her passion for poetry, exploring themes of division in Thai society

          Rossanee Nurfarida, a talented poet and storyteller born in Hat Yai, graduated in media studies and cultural communication from Chulalongkorn University. While her career initially led her down the path of journalism, it is in the poetry that she truly finds her happiness.

A Passion for Poetry

          Despite her background in media studies, Rossanee Nurfarida prefers to refer to herself as a storyteller, with a particular penchant for crafting poetry. Her artistic journey took flight when her first poem, titled "Far Away From our Own Homes," was shortlisted for the 2016 South East Asian Write Award. This recognition is a proof to her unique ability to express the modern woman's perspective through her craft.

Exploring Themes of Division

          Rossanee's poetry often dive into the intricate theme of how religion can act as a divisive force within Thai society. Her verses, written in free form, touch upon the divisions that exist within the Thai state, its communities, and even lovers. Through her words, she provides a contemporary and thought-provoking perspective on these issues.

"Lost in Homeland": A Visual Journey

          One of Rossanee's notable achievements as a poet was the creation of a video version of her poem, "Lost in Homeland." This poem paints a vivid picture of an individual adrift at sea, encapsulating the experiences of southern Thailand's Muslim minority, who find themselves stranded in the land of their birth. This poignant piece of art has garnered recognition and accolades from various international platforms.

International Recognition

          "Lost in Homeland" received widespread acclaim and was officially selected for screening at the Juteback Poetry Film Festival, the Bangkok Underground Film Festival, and the CYCLOP International Poetry Film Contest in 2017. These selections showcased the universal appeal and emotional depth of Rossanee's work.

The Exchange with Southeast Asian Muslim Youth Program

          Rossanee Nurfarida's dedication to her craft and her unique perspective caught the attention of the Japan Foundation Thailand, which selected her as the only Thai representative for the Exchange with Southeast Asian Muslim Youth Program in 2018. This program provided her with an opportunity to connect with fellow artists and scholars in Japan, further solidifying her status as a rising star in the world of poetry and storytelling.

          Rossanee sparked vital conversations on societal divisions and the human experience. Her work carries the potential to inspire positive change in society.