Silent Expressions: Zhang Zhanzhan’s ‘Beyond the Last Miles’ - A Must-See Art Exhibition in River City Bangkok

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09 Jul 2024

Uncover Zhang Zhanzhan’s Unique Perspective on Solitude and Connection

Have you ever pondered the sense of solitude and connection that art can evoke within us?


From 6 July to 25 August 2024, experience the evocative art of Zhang Zhanzhan at RCB Galleria 2, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok. This debut solo exhibition in Bangkok, co-curated by Serena Zhao, founder of ArtDepot, and the RCB exhibition team, showcases Zhang’s distinctive exploration of solitude and human connection.

About the Artist

Born in Chongli in 1982, Zhang Zhanzhan is a contemporary Chinese artist and a graduate of Nanjing University of the Arts. His minimalist approach, characterised by a red and black colour palette and silent yet expressive animal figures, resonates with themes of loneliness and introspection. Zhang’s art prompts viewers to contemplate the intricacies of interpersonal relationships in our modern world.

Exhibition Highlights: “Beyond the Last Miles”

Zhang Zhanzhan’s “Beyond the Last Miles” features both paintings and sculptures, including familiar figures and new works by the artist. The artworks capture fleeting moments that reflect both the hardening of exterior surfaces and the softening of inner emotions. Through his art, Zhang encourages viewers to contemplate their journey through life, finding solace in solitary paths while discovering warmth and sincerity within.

His latest works stay true to his personal aesthetic principles, combining his signature cartoon look with richer compositions, colour schemes, and lighting inspired by classical masters. In this exhibition, he strips away unnecessary detail, using a simple and concise artistic language to create emotionally rich images. The calm expressions of his subjects keep their stories hidden, but their solitude feels warm and happy, subtly reaching out to the audience.

Exclusive Interview with Zhang Zhanzhan

Koktail had the privilege of sitting down with Zhang Zhanzhan, exploring the depths of his artistic vision and the inspirations behind his creations.

Inspiration from Solitude


“I find my greatest inspiration during the night-time when the world is asleep. In these solitary moments, I feel most creative. Whether I’m playing with forms or simply enjoying the warmth of a fire in my back garden, these quiet hours have birthed several of my artworks, each infused with the serenity and introspection of the night,”

Capturing Fleeting Moments

Zhang often speaks about capturing fleeting moments. He described a particular moment that inspired one of his works:

“One of my notable pieces features a plethora of cartoonish girls, representing the universal experience of first love. First love isn’t always a person; sometimes it’s a feeling or a memory. By incorporating various characters—both boys and girls—into a single painting, I capture the essence of those fleeting, yet impactful moments from childhood.”

Significance of Animals in His Art

Zhang’s art frequently features quiet, endearing animals. When asked about their significance and how they fit into his narratives, he explained,

“Animals in my art serve as universal symbols. They transcend gender, age, social status, and emotions, allowing viewers to see themselves in these creatures. One of my famous works, PUPU bear, stems from the belief that almost everyone had a little bear when they were children. I use the bear as a symbol of emotional or physical companionship, representing the warmth I want to convey to the audience.”

Exploring New Projects and Themes

“I am constantly evolving, always adopting new skills and techniques in my artwork. My exhibitions feature pieces from various years, reflecting my changing style and the incorporation of new materials. I am excited to continue this journey, exploring innovative methods and ideas to bring fresh perspectives to my art,”

Zhang shared.

Memorable Visit to Thailand

When asked why he chose Thailand to debut his solo exhibition, Zhang shared that it was only his second time in the country. Reflecting on his visits, he said,

“I visited Thailand for the first-time last year to scout for a potential exhibition venue. During my week-long stay, I fell in love with the country, especially its sense of freedom and lack of limitations. This feeling deeply resonated with me, making my visit a memorable experience. One of the highlights of my trip was the taste of the shrimp dishes: Pad Thai Goong (Thai stir-fried noodles with shrimp), Tom Yum Goong (hot and sour shrimp soup), and Goong Pao (grilled shrimp). I also plan to visit Pattaya next time. A friend visited recently and it sounded amazing, especially as I’m a big fan of all the shrimp in Thailand.”

A Journey Through Emotions

Zhang Zhanzhan’s “Beyond the Last Miles” invites viewers to contemplate the universal themes of solitude and emotional resilience, offering a gentle reminder of the warmth and sincerity that can be found within even the quietest moments of life.


Exhibition Details

• Dates: 6 July to 25 August 2024

• Venue: RCB Galleria 2, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok

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