‘The Idea of You' Star Anne Hathaway: 10 Fun Facts You Should Know

Koktail Magazine

20 May 2024

Anne Hathaway's name resonates through the halls of Hollywood for her magnetic screen presence and for her intriguing off-screen persona. From her Shakespearean name connection to her rigorous role preparations, Hathaway’s journey in the entertainment world is as compelling as the characters she portrays.

Here are 10 things that make her so compelling.



The Shakespearean Connection

Anne Hathaway shares her name with William Shakespeare’s wife, something that has intrigued fans and added a charming historical touch to her already alluring image. Furthermore, some fans allege that her husband shows a resemblance to William Shakespeare.



Bilingual and Multitalented

The reason she casually sings Lady Marmalade’s song from Moulin Rouge fluently in that Versace after party video is simple. Hathaway is fluent in French, which she mastered while studying political science and English at Vassar College.



Roots in Theatre

Before making it big in Hollywood, Hathaway developed her acting skills on stage. Roles in several plays, notably in "Carnival!" at New York City Centre, built a strong foundation for her film career.



Flexitarian: Advocate for Veganism and Environmental Causes

Anne was once a dedicated vegan, actively supporting animal rights and a plant-based diet. While she is no longer vegan, her support for environmental and healthy living initiatives is as strong as ever.



Mic drop: The Opera Star

Hathaway is also a trained opera singer. Her singing talent shone through in her Oscar-winning role as Fantine in "Les Misérables," leaving a lasting impression on audiences globally.



Anne Opens up: Mental Health

Hathaway has been open about her early career struggles with anxiety and perfectionism, promoting mental health awareness. Her personal journey with therapy and self-care emphasises the importance of well-being for success.



Hollywood Royalty in Her DNA

Deeply influenced by her mother, actress Kate McCauley Hathaway, Anne grew up surrounded by the arts. She also mentions Judy Garland as a distant relative, connecting her to the classic era of film.



Storyteller on Screen and Paper

Hathaway has ventured into writing, co-authoring the children’s book "The Runaway Bunny" with her mother. This step into writing demonstrates her passion for storytelling for all ages.



A Dedication to Craft, Anne's Role in 'Les Mis'

One of her most notable transformations was for "Les Misérables." Hathaway cut her hair short and lost a significant amount of weight to portray the tragic character of Fantine.



Her First Movie Might Be Older Than You Are

Anne Hathaway continues to charm and inspire, whether she’s bringing characters to life, advocating for mental health, or sharing her own stories. She’s slaying on screen and standing up for what she believes in. Her diverse career makes her a symbol of resilience and realness, proving she remains an icon since the release of her first movie, 'The Princess Diaries,' in 2001.