Art in Sparkle: ‘La Vie en Strass’ - Shourouk Rhaiem’s Exhibition Lights Up MOCA Bangkok from November 13 to December 6, 2023

Shourouk Rhaiem's 'La Vie en Strass' is where art and everyday life converge

Shourouk Rhaiem, the renowned French jewellery designer, has ventured into the world of art with her debut exhibition in Asia, 'La Vie en Strass.' She turned everyday objects into eye-catching works of art. This dazzling showcase is set to take place at MOCA Bangkok from November 13 to December 6, 2023.


Shourouk Rhaiem's artistic journey began in 2005 after graduating from Studio Berçot. She's renowned for her striking jewellery creations, featuring various stones, metals, and Swarovski crystals, often in vibrant colours. Her work has captured the admiration of A-list celebrities Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Her jewellery is worn by former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama and Princess Victoria of Sweden.

Shourouk's artistic audacity is also evident in her collaborations with renowned brands Sephora, Lido de Paris, and Swarovski. She has made her mark in the world of television and film, adorning characters in popular series Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, Pretty Little Liars, and Scream Queens.

Transforming the Ordinary

Shourouk's talent lies in her ability to turn everyday items into something extraordinary. She began with a Ricoré coffee container, symbolising the ideal family she longed for in her childhood. Inspired by this vision, she applied her creative touch to various items, dish soap and fragrance containers.

The Personal Connection

Shourouk's transformation of the Ricoré coffee container stems from her yearning for a harmonious family, as her parents often quarrelled during her upbringing.

Shourouk employs the "cut-up" technique to refine her perspective on life. She believes in the enduring nature of childhood dreams, where even the sky's blue appears more vibrant through the influence of advertising. Every product that has been part of her journey, despite its association with moments of sadness, is elevated and appreciated, giving each element a moment to shine in the spotlight.

From Jewellery to Art

In Austria, Shourouk unveiled her first artistic installation for Swarovski, titled 'Ordinary Life,' showcasing her transition from jewellery to art. Her art show in Paris at Galerie Pixi - Marie Victoire Poliakoff featured her 'blinged' household items, most of which were sold, marking the success of her first-ever art exhibition.

'La Vie en Strass' in Bangkok

'La Vie en Strass' in Bangkok is set to be a joyous celebration of creativity, artistry, and the enchanting power within ordinary objects. Shourouk's distinctive blend of luxury and playfulness breathes life into iconic items like Prickly Heat (Snake Brand) cooling powder cans, local beer bottles, and Hanfa brand mosquito repellent boxes.

Witnessing Shourouk's exceptional vision come to life at this Bangkok exhibition is an opportunity not to be missed.