AI in Art: "FLOCK OF... Discover the Supernatural Nature of Floating Fish" Exhibition by bit studio between 5 August - 15 September 2023

Diving into the future by the exhibition full of floating fish

"FLOCK OF... Discover the Supernatural Nature of Floating Fish"

          This exhibition is a collaboration between True Digital Park and, a pioneering interactive technology developer in Thailand. It blends the world of art with AI technology, transporting visitors from the depths of the ocean to the heights of the sky, all while surrounded by the movements of lifelike flying fish.

          This experience showcases the potential of technology to shape art in unprecedented ways, inviting the visitor to explore the harmonious relationship between human creativity and the promise of artificial intelligence.

Nature's Harmony and Technological Artistry

          The fusion at the heart of this exhibition lies in the spectacle of airborne fish, offering a three-dimensional sensory delight that defies conventional artistic boundaries. While visitors may not be able to touch the fish, they can be in their midst. As visitors approach, the fish respond autonomously—changing direction on their own. The technology allows each fish to perceive each other's position, mimicking nature's behaviour. 

          This fusion of technological precision and artistic expression offers a special visual experience and prompts contemplation on the interconnectedness of all life forms as the organisers bring the knowledge of physics and technology to reflect nature's connection. Expressing the view that we can live together by adapting ourselves and that nature is ever-changing.

Symbolising Unity: Humanity and Nature in Symbiosis

          By harnessing AI technology to recreate these natural phenomena, the exhibit is a reminder of the importance of understanding and respecting the world we inhabit. It underscores the potential of innovation to foster a deeper connection between mankind and the environment, urging us to tread lightly and evolve alongside the planet we call home. 

          This collaboration offers visitors an opportunity to witness the harmonious dance between human ingenuity and the potential of artificial intelligence. It isn't just a window into the future of art—it's a mirror reflecting the evolving relationship between humanity, technology, and the environment we shape and share.

Visit this exhibition between 5 August – 15 September 2023

at True Digital Park West, 2nd floor BTS Punnawithi

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