Creative Weekend with Bill Bensley and co. supporting the Shinta Mani Foundation

Bill Bensley and Junkyard Theatre Phuket bring Faroese Chronicles to life on stage and Chance to Take an Art Stay at The Slate Phuket on 1 – 3 September 2023

What’s the event about?

          Renowned architect, artist, and activist, Bill Bensley, is all set to bring his lively and imaginative world to the stage in collaboration with Junkyard Theatre Phuket. This partnership will present an exclusive arts and theatre weekend at The Slate Phuket from 1st to 3rd September 2023.

          The event promises to be an unforgettable experience where guests can take part in art and unlock their inner artist under Bill Bensley's guidance, and enjoy a one-night-only dinner and theatre performance narrated by the artist himself. Most importantly, the weekend will not only be about creativity and indulgence but also aim to raise funds for the Shinta Mani Foundation, which is committed to a number of community outreach programs for the less fortunate, including building houses, providing clean water, education, as well as conservation and wildlife protection. Funds will also be shared with the Phuket Hotels Association's Green Planet Initiative, which is fully committed to raising awareness of environmental issues and sustainability for young people and empowering local communities in Phuket. This includes the provision and funding of environmental initiatives in local schools and communities in their sustainability efforts.

“I always love returning to The Slate and am so looking forward to this fabulous event, which will be full of fun, but also with a serious side to raise funds and awareness for the Phuket Hotels Association and the Shinta Mani Foundation.  John and his team are super talented – it’s going to be a night to remember for sure!”

–Bill Bensley

Who’s Bill Bensley?

          Known as the "Willy Wonka of design" for his whimsical and imaginative creations, Bill Bensley has previously sprinkled his magic on The Slate Phuket's interiors and gardens. This time, he returns to the hotel with an entirely new venture - The Faroese Chronicles exhibition, featuring 38 artworks inspired by Bensley's explorations in the remote Faroe Islands, where he encountered quirky characters and experienced inspiring landscapes.

          If you want to know more about Bill Bensley, watch him with our Koktail Conversation with Nigel Oakins below.



Wait, what are the Faroe Islands?

          Nestled in the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands (or Faroes) are a group of islands under Denmark's wing, situated between the UK and Iceland. These rugged lands boast a unique character, where cool temps, wind, rain, and clouds dance together. The Faroese people have their roots in Scandinavian heritage, with many being descendants of Norwegian Vikings who settled the islands around 800 CE. While about a quarter of the population resides in Tórshavn, the majority live in small coastal settlements.

The Slate Phuket

          Nestled on the shores of Nai Yang beach, The Slate plays tribute to Phuket’s past through the painstaking artistry of Bill Bensley, manifesting the owning family’s rich tin mining history with the island’s true soul. This hotel features renowned restaurants and bars like Black Ginger, which floats atop its own lake and can be accessed by a rope-pulled raft. The facilities include Coqoon Spa, KRU Precision Wellness, three outdoor pools, two tennis courts, a full gym, Heliconia Flower Gallery, The Wine Room, Tin Box Kids Club, and The Stockroom boutique.

          Additionally, there's Shades Gallery, a collaborative art space promoting cultural exchanges through art and fashion. The hotel caters well to weddings and events, offering state-of-the-art meeting rooms and expansive spaces. The Slate Phuket is known for its incredible events, including BOLD gastronomic journeys that encourage guests to Be Original, Light-hearted, and Daring, making it the ultimate place to be seen on Thailand’s largest island. Moreover, it's a standout hotel, named among TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Out of the Ordinary Hotels 2023, an exclusive recognition given to only 20 hotels out of 8 million properties on the platform.

The Junkyard Theatre Phuket

          If you're up for a cultural rollercoaster, Junkyard Theatre Phuket has your ticket. The Junkyard Theatre is a creative entertainment venue where cultures clash together in the most absurd ways possible. They have put together a show that features an eclectic collection of quirky musical numbers, decadently crafted sets, and dinner cabaret-style acts. Sustainability is also at the heart of Junkyard Theatre as it is built on the principle of reusing and upcycling. The Junkyard Theatre Phuket will bring The Faroese Chronicles to life on stage through a show filled with song, dance, comedy, and rich storytelling. Bill Bensley himself will join the performers onstage to share the wit and wisdom he gathered from his Faroese friends.

What’s on the menu?

          Guests attending the weekend will have several options to contribute and participate. They can book a three-night stay to enjoy intimate access to Bill Bensley and his creative insights. Limited tickets are up for grabs for the dinner-theatre performance and a lunch inspired by the arts. For those who cannot attend in person, a special online auction will be arranged, offering unique prizes and once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences to further support the fundraising efforts.

For more information, visit The Faroese Chronicle

Eager to know more?

          As the calendar inches closer to the big weekend, the excitement is soaring. With the forces of Junkyard Theatre Phuket, The Slate Phuket, and your ardent support, this fundraising event promises not just to paint the town, but to paint lives and nature with the colours of positive change while leaving a lasting impression on everyone involved.