Joshua Tree’s Famed “Invisible House” is now on the Market

More work of art than property, the desert setting boasts an “off-the-grid vibe”

Designed by famed architect Tomas Osinski and property owner Chris Hanley, the “Invisible House” in Joshua Tree National Park, California is a property built 100 feet off the ground and offers panoramic views of the surrounding Mojave desert landscape.

“Made for the world to enjoy”, American Psycho producer Chris Hanley built the property in 2019. The name “Invisible House” derives from its architecture and design—a mirrored exterior that reflects the surrounding desert, creating an illusion that the house isn’t really there. At night, the home fades into the landscape as if it's a part of the desert.

Designed and constructed with environmental sustainability in mind, Hanley describes the home as “an object of entertainment and a space to facilitate conversations and interactions.” Completed in 2020, the fully-mirrored home is now available to rent for $150,000 (approximately five million baht) a month.

A number of artists have already leased the house for creative projects like Demi Lovato, the Chainsmokers, Lizzo, U2, and Diplo. In fact, the work of art has even been reimagined in a cartoon version for the “Save Your Tears” music video by The Weeknd and Ariana Grande.

The exterior is only the beginning of this special property’s highlights. With a space of 6,200 square feet, the interior stretches over one elongated level. The first thing you’ll notice when you set foot inside is the gigantic 100-foot solar pool set inside the living room. The minimalist-designed property is surrounded by heat-reflecting glass panes that lay out breathtaking views of the desert.

Hanley has also worked on other projects with artists such as Andy Warhol and architect Zaha Hadid. The producer will be launching a cannabis inspired home called “Grow Home” next year.