Watsons Launches Empowerment Campaign on International Women’s Day

With this initiative, Watsons continues to advance the cause of gender equality with 90 million female Watsons Club members in its global community

In the name of International Women’s Day, Watsons announces the launch of the “Dare to Be” campaign highlighting its commitment to transcending stereotypes and recognising gender equality. This follows on the success of the Asia-wide “The New Beautiful” campaign that inspired a heightened awareness of holistic beauty. 

Standing strong with women, the beauty giant believes that everyone has the power to break the stigma society puts upon them. According to an interview survey of 11,000 women conducted by A.S. Watson, over 50% women described themselves as “unconfident”. The campaign’s goal is to break down these boundaries and to empower women to find their faith in themselves. 

Embracing women in all walks of life, the theme of International Women’s Day is “Embrace Equity” and strives to support “BRAVEHER, BOLDHER and STRONGHER”.

Nurturing “BRAVEHER” Women in Healthcare

Watsons has supported the “Women in Medicine” initiative through Watsons and Operation Smile partnership by aiming to provide educational pathways for women to be global leaders in health care. 

In support of this initiative, Watsons has sponsored all-women medical programmes in low-and-middle income countries to help educate women on advanced medical practices, empower women to become leaders in global medicine, expand opportunities for women health care workers in different specialties, and elevate cleft surgery and comprehensive care. 

Until today, A.S. Watson Group has sponsored over 6,000 free corrective surgeries to Operation Smile through the Group’s Give a Smile signature global community programme.

Empowering “BOLDHER” Women in their Community

Watsons Thailand has supported APSW (Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women) in an effort to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged women in society by selling “Green Ribbons” as well as fundraising. With a long-term partnership, lasting nearly 20 years, APSW provides counselling, advice, and career training to women and children in need, with the goal of helping them to establish themselves and contribute to society. As of today, the APSW has provided opportunities for a total of 50,000 women and children. 

Enabling a “STRONGHER” Generation of Women

Throughout the month of March, the brand is aiming to engage Watsons shoppers through a variety of events, workshops, and mentoring opportunities led by key women opinion leaders. Watsons Malaysia is inviting a fashion model with vitiligo, which is an appearance altering skin condition, a para-cyclist and a CEO from a women-focused charity to share their personal stories.

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