Is the Travel World Ready for SENA Z?

Tara Abhasakun

04 May 2024

SENA Z promises unparalleled travel insights to her followers.

Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts, along with BRACAI, introduce the first AI travel and hospitality influencer, SENA Z. She vows to enrich the digital travel sphere, offering deep destination exploration and sustainable travel ideas.

SENA Z integrates into the guest experience, encouraging followers to embark on virtual journeys, discover new destinations, and learn valuable lessons on sustainable practices.

She is programmed to produce content on culture, nature, adventure, sustainable travel, wellness, and location advice, inspiring followers to explore the world.

SENA Z’s journey hopes to extend beyond Cenizaro; wishing to partner with tourism boards to showcase hospitality offerings, championing curiosity, personal growth, and appreciation for global diversity.

Liza Quddoos, Director of Corporate Communications at Cenizaro, says, “SENA Z bridges tech with our love for exploration, showing how digital and human elements can enrich life.”

BRACAI founder Finn C. Arctander shares his experience collaborating with Cenizaro on this project. “Developing SENA Z. with Cenizaro has been amazing. Her story celebrates curiosity, awareness, and bravery.”

SENA Z plans to expand her influence and partnerships, aiming to become an important companion for global travelers.

Is the travel world ready for her?

Cenizaro aims to captivate audiences with cutting-edge technologies and inspiring adventures. Whether Sena Z connects with followers like a human influencer remains to be seen.