Friday Future Lister: Peaches Active—Crafting Confidence and Style Through Peaches Activewear with Prao Vikitsreth

This week's Friday Future Lister is all about advocating for inclusivity and self-acceptance

Owner And Creative Designer of Peaches Activewear, Prao ventured into the world of fashion entrepreneurship with no prior experience.Her aspirations extend beyond fashion; like many of us she envisions a world where young children can achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. Her journey from a college graduate to a thriving entrepreneur demonstrates that with determination and courage, it is possible to shatter stereotypes and carve a path to success.

Her inspiration stemmed from a desire for stylish yet comfortable clothing during the Covid-19 lockdown. She could not find what she wanted, and like so many successful enterprises that come from a perceived gap in the market, Peaches Activewear was born—a brand getting to be known for its high-quality, versatile athletic and athleisure wear for women of all sizes.

"We all love high quality activewear, but sometimes it’s just not affordable—or as luxe or trendy as we’d like it to be. That’s where Peaches Active comes in."

Navigating the business solo presented personal challenges, including making decisions, learning from mistakes, and dealing with the isolation, pressure, and occasional self-doubt. During this journey, she frequently turned to an unlikely source of inspiration, The Monocle Book of Entrepreneurs.

Prao takes pride in her ability to build connections and even to expand her business to London, where she hosted pop-up events and collaborated with other brands. 

She also recognises the societal stigma prevalent in Thailand related to factors like age, education, appearance, family background, and ethnicity. By stepping out of her comfort zone, she hopes to serve as an example for others facing similar challenges.

In a society where diet and body shape often dominate young minds, Prao's campaigns featuring plus-size models have become a source of empowerment. Her mission is to help individuals confidently embrace their body types and challenge conventional beauty standards. Moreover, she aspires to break the silence around mental health issues and eating disorders, fostering open discussions on these crucial topics.

Societal stigma in Thailand can be pervasive, touching upon various aspects of life and physical appearance standards is one of the many. This can create immense pressure that leads to  discrimination and marginalisation. While these stigmas persist, Thailand is also witnessing a growing awareness and effort to challenge them, promoting inclusivity with brands like Peaches Activewear and others.

In Prao's story, we find not just a tale of fashion entrepreneurship but also the ability to inspire change. As she continues her journey with Peaches Activewear, she invites others to step forward and join her in crafting a world where confidence, diversity, and empowerment reign supreme.

Peaches Activewear champions self-love and empowerment, promoting the need for more brands to come forward to combat societal stigmas. If you stand for inclusivity and stylish comfort add Peaches Activewear to your shopping list!

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