Netflix Thailand Subscription Price Has Just Gone Down

Netflix Thailand has officially announced a new price for base subscriptions

We’ve got great news for all the binge watchers because Netflix just got cheaper. Last week, Netflix franchises reduced the cost of their first-tier subscription packages and this includes Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 

The basic plan for Netflix Thailand was originally priced at 279 baht and has now been reduced to 169 baht. This base subscription is ad-free, allows users to watch from one device at a time with unlimited access to the media, gives users the option to watch in 720p HD, and can be downloaded for offline viewing as well.

The move comes after the streaming media giant notified users they would limit password sharing, which has been fore-warned several times. This has already been carried out in other countries, where subscribers have to register a primary location for their subscription. If accessed from outside the set location, users have to pay an extra fee. Having said that, the reason behind the reduction of subscription fees remains unclear, it could be done to attract new subscribers or it could be a hint for Thailand customers to stop password sharing.

In the meantime, if you don’t have a Netflix account yet, click here to register.