Video: Koktail picks up Tae Kantana in the new Mercedes-Benz GLC 300e

Koktail & Mercedes-Benz

Koktail Magazine

23 Nov 2022

When Kantana Group's "Tae" Piyarat Kaljareuk needs to get somewhere, he only travels in style

It's early morning on a busy day for Kantana Group's vice president, Piyarat Kaljareuk—also known as "Tae" or "Perry" to his fans. As he needs to get to an important meeting taking place on the other side of the Kantana production lot, Tae calls on the new luxury car service "Koktail Kar", only to get Koktail Magazine's own Mika Apichatsakol as his driver. Mika admits to Tae that she sometimes drives VIPs around in her Mercedes-Benz GLC 300e 4MATIC AMG Dynamic—a spacious SUV plug-in hybrid—and they proceed to have a quick conversation on the ride to Tae's destination.


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