Friday Future Lister: From Tutor to Talk Show Host—Loukgolf’s Mission to Unlock Thai Students' English Potential

Known for his distinctive style and an innovative approach to language education, Kanatip "Loukgolf" Soonthornrak is inspiring Thai English learners through various platforms, including YouTube, television, and his language school

A full-time English tutor and intermittent talk show host, Kanatip “Loukgolf” Soonthornrak has inspired thousands of Thai students to realise their true potential when it comes to learning English. Armed with a degree in Communication Arts from Chulalongkorn University, followed by a Master’s in Theatre Directing from the University of Essex, he set up Angriz English Academy with his sister, Saranee back in 2009.

He realised teaching English was his true calling when he first started out tutoring high school students. With so much passion, Angriz was formed with well-designed materials along with the academy’s cosy ambiance, which motivates students to be passionate about learning. Angriz also works collaboratively with English Consultant, Paul Burgess, along with other native speakers to ensure students get the highest possible quality of learning experience. 

LoukGolf’s English Room

Besides his strong passion for teaching, he also hosts his own TV Talk Show “Loukgolf English Room” providing free English education. Aiming to share  personal experiences, tips, and convey thoughts through the show, in the hope that millions of Thais will perceive English learning as less daunting.

As the majority of Thais struggle with English, he uses English as a tool for effective communication so they can converse fluently with anyone, avoiding any association with using the language as a tool for superiorityHis goal is to break this detrimental cycle and get people to realise that they’re able to speak English whenever they want without the fear of being looked down on.

In the show all guests are asked to converse in the English language. While their English proficiency levels may vary, a shared attribute is willingness to take on the challenge. This idea could be the reason why the show is loved by many as well as the ability to showcase renowned celebrities making errors and that’s perfectly fine. This aspect resonates with viewers who find value in observing and learning from these minor mistakes and eventually encourages them to speak the language without the fear of misspeaking themselves. 

The show's message emphasises that making mistakes natural while learning a second languageserving as anopportunity for learning and not as patterns to be repeated.

Loukgolf’s contributions to language education in Thailand are nothing short of extraordinary. His fearless and innovative approach to teaching English has encouraged Thais to speak the language with confidence. He has madeEnglish more accessible and has also created confidence and belief in the people who want to be able to speak the language fluently. His work is not only about language but also about breaking down barriers and empowering Thai citizens to connect with the world. 

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