Friday Future Lister: Michael Andreassen and iCare Thailand Foundation’s aim to provide a positive transformation through education

Explore how iCare makes a positive contribution to society through the process of creating equal access to education

          In the heart of philanthropy and charity, few names shine as brightly as Michael Andreassen, the director of iCare Thailand Foundation. This foundation is committed to fostering enduring and meaningful community development and implements a diverse range of projects aimed at uplifting the underprivileged and empowering the youth.

          Central to their mission is the promotion of equitable access to education, a transformative force that holds the potential to revolutionise individual lives and entire communities. Some of their various initiatives also consist of programs focused on youth growth, aiding during disasters, visiting hospitals, providing music therapy, supporting individuals with disabilities, and helping orphanages and other underprivileged organisations. Their efforts are supported by businesses and organisations through partnerships.

Meaningful Transformation

          Michael's conviction is as strong as a cup of coffee on a Monday morning! He firmly believes that education is the ultimate superhero, swooping in to transform not only individuals but entire families and communities, smashing that cycle of poverty to smithereens.

          The foundation is on a mission fueled by the idea that every life is a precious puzzle piece, and each person has the power to create a beautiful picture by reaching out to those in need. It's like a big, heartwarming potluck where everyone brings their positivity and contributes to the feast of society.

iCare and Refugee Crisis on the Border

          At present, the conflict between the government forces of Myanmar and ethnic rebel groups persists. This conflict has led to a refugee crisis along the border of Thailand and Myanmar in Mae Hong Son. Over 6,000 refugees have entered Thailand's Mae Hong Son jungles from Myanmar and about 4,000 individuals on the Thai side have also been affected, resulting in over 10,000 people losing their belongings.

          The iCare Thailand Foundation, working together with the Thai Red Cross and the Royal Thai Border Police, has responded by delivering 8 tons of food per week for 5 weeks to the 4 refugee camps, ensuring their survival and basic necessities to the affected individuals. They already distributed over 4,000 bags of food supplies, totaling 37 tons.

          In a world sometimes beset by challenges, this collaboration stands as the light of hope, proving that even in the face of adversity, people can come together to create waves of positive change.

The Homes of Hope: Lighting Up Northern Thailand with Education

          To provide access to education for children, iCare Thailand Foundation has built and equipped a network of Dormitories in the most remote parts of Northern Thailand, making it possible for an additional 800 children to go to school.

          On 29th May 2023, iCare Thailand Foundation handed over iCare home number 22 at Bahn Oonu classroom, Jor See Due School, Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son. This facility serves as both living quarters for teachers and a dormitory for 31 students, ensuring safety for all.

          Michael Andreassen and his crew at iCare Thailand Foundation aren't just writing a feel-good story; they're living it. By shining a light on education and lending a hand where it's needed, they're creating a brighter future for all.