Culinary Gems of Thailand Ep. 4: Praya Dining

Koktail & Tourism Authority of Thailand

Koktail Magazine

23 Dec 2022

Introducing a new six-part series that goes into the daily lives of Thai chefs as they prepare food for their guests

Thailand’s Favourite Restaurants, in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), introduces “Culinary Gems of Thailand”, a new six-part series that ventures into the daily lives of some of Thailand’s most acclaimed chefs as they prepare food for their guests, from market to table.

In this episode, Natalie and Nigel immerse themselves in more traditional Thai dining at Praya Dining. Housed at Praya Palazzo, the timeless Andrea Palladio-styled mansion lends itself to creating the perfect atmosphere to enjoy impeccable Thai food on the Chao Phraya river bank. In order to reach this eye-catching restaurant, our hosts hop on a quick boat ride from Phra Athit Pier. Popping into the kitchen, they have a chat with chef Na and learn about how she and her team handle cooking techniques from a bygone era.

If you give Praya Dining a visit, be sure to ask to see chef Na and her charming smile. She is always happy to share her 35 years of cooking experience and maybe a few secrets with her guests.

Praya Dining
Praya Palazzo, 757/1 Somdej Prapinklao Soi 2
Open daily 11am-10pm, 02-883-2998