Experience the COOK-SHOP Seasonal Menu at TAAN, Celebrating Thai Culinary Roots

Chef Thep Takes You on a Gastronomic Journey of Flavours and Textures, Infusing Tradition with Inspiration

Be blown away by a gastronomic adventure at TAAN, the celebrated Thai restaurant. COOK-SHOP, their latest seasonal menu, made its debut on March 21st promising to take your taste buds on a journey of flavours and textures.

After a retreat in Hin Lad, Chiang Rai, Chef Thep came to a realisation of how valuable, yet overlooked, Thai culinary roots are. Despite being adorned with simplicity and esteem, local Thai ingredients and dishes are often under-preferred. It is this negligence that inspired Chef Thep in his creation of Taan restaurant.

“Listen to yourself. Look around and see what you already have. Sometimes we don’t realise that we might have everything we need in ourselves, and we don’t believe it because we only focus on the sway of society. Just like nature, it is present all around you, it talks to us, but we rarely listen. Climate change is real yet we simply turn the air conditioning higher without thinking. That’s what happens when we don’t listen to nature. Understand yourself first… not your friends or other people. Everybody has their own take away from life. Own yourself”

Taan is where Thai food, Thai people, and Thai culture join in appreciation. At Taan, it’s not just about the food; it’s a tribute to the fascinating history of Thai cuisine and its cultural exchange with the world. Chef Thep uncovers earlier times when Thai dishes were influenced by the contact of outside culture, especially Chinese. This 10-course menu features a fusion of traditional Chinese dishes and Western culinary techniques infused with tantalising Thai flavours. According to Chef Thep, “I do not have my favourite type of food to cook, I just like to cook!”.

His inspiration-driven dishes are therefore not just tasty but filled with consciousness and inspiration. “A signature dish for me is not about the food, it’s about the way of thought, what you have in you, and how you reinterpret it and present this to the world.”

Experience Chef Thep’s interpretation of “COOK-SHOP '' lined up with succulent steamed fish in plum sauce, elevated with the irresistible aroma of homemade smoked bacon. Delight in the Pretend Shark Fin soup, filled with the goodness of braised pork ears, pickled mushrooms, crab, bean sprouts, and coriander. And do not forget the Sake Mooncake, accompanied by divine tea-leaves ice cream and a luscious sake sauce.

Each dish has a unique story to tell, showcasing the rich heritage of Thai cuisine and its culinary evolution. Make your reservations today by contacting TAAN at 065 328 7374, LINE @taanbangkok, or visiting their website at taanbangkok.com.