Friday Future Lister: Passion and Purpose: Yupa Petcharit-Rattanajan and the Power of Media for Good

Koktail Magazine

28 Jun 2024

Yupa, Managing Director of Payai Creation, champions social change through media

Friday Future List this week is the story of Yupa Petcharit-Rattanajan. Her journey is a powerful story of passion and dedication to social change.

As the Managing Director of Payai Creation Co., LTD, her story begins with a strong sense of social responsibility that was cultivated during her formative years. Yupa's academic journey took her from studying Communication Art at Chulalongkorn University to the New York Institute of Technology under a Fulbright Scholarship, where her commitment to using media for social good deepened.

Founding of Payai Creation

In 1991, Yupa's vision materialised with the founding of Payai Creation, a video production house dedicated to creating documentaries and TV programs that raise awareness and improve the lives of disadvantaged people, especially children.

Payai Creation Co., Ltd, based in Bangkok, is now a leading documentary and TV production company with over 25 years of experience. Founded by prominent journalists Niramol Metheesuwakul, Suriyon Jongleepun, and Yupa Petcharit-Rattanajan, the company has produced numerous award-winning documentaries and TV programs broadcast on national TV stations and online platforms. Their diverse clientele includes TV stations, international organisations, non-profits, and the private sector.

Engaging Audiences for Social Good

Among Yupa’s notable creations is "Tungsangtawan," which continues to engage TV audiences with its new clips on Facebook, YouTube, PAYAI TV channel, and Channel 3 HD. Payai Creation’s work emphasises real-world problems and solutions, fostering societal awareness about community, environment, and culture.


Yupa takes pride in the international recognition received by her documentaries, including the recent success of Duck Academy. This documentary addresses food security issues by showing how a flock of ducks is trained to eat pests, reducing farmers' need for chemicals.

She received the Catholic Media Award for Excellence in 2023. Her series "Good Kids, Great Heart" has made an impact, providing educational opportunities to over 800 underprivileged children and contributing to lifting them and their families out of poverty. This achievement is an example of how society can be positively changed through media.

Despite the accolades, Yupa's journey has not been without challenges. The shifting landscape of media platforms and economic downturns over the past decade have posed significant obstacles. However, Yupa's resilience and adaptability have been key to navigating these changes. She has embraced trial and error, continuously evolving her strategies to stay relevant and impactful.

Currently, Yupa is focused on creating an online platform that amplifies the voices of the less fortunate, ensuring their stories reach a wider audience.

Yupa’s advice to aspiring documentary makers is candid and inspiring. She acknowledges that the process is not glamorous and often does not generate much income. However, she emphasises that those who are passionate and honest about their profession can produce work that truly matters.