Friday Future Lister: Spotlight on Change-makers: 5 Future List 2024 Honourees on World NGO Day

Koktail Magazine

23 Feb 2024

Celebrating Change-makers on World NGO Day, recognising impactful contributions in social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and advocacy.

February 27 marks World NGO Day, a global celebration of the significant role played by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the dedicated individuals who drive their initiatives. This day is a reminder of the impact NGOs have on societies worldwide, aiming to inspire greater participation and collaboration within the sector.

Koktail highlights the work of Future List 2024 individuals actively engaged in NGO work, to celebrate their impactful contributions.

ML Dispanadda “Duke” Diskul: Forest Guardian and Climate Action Leader

ML Dispanadda “Duke” Diskul, CEO of the Mae Fah Luang Foundation, is celebrated on World NGO Day for his two-decade journey in social entrepreneurship. His leadership in sustainable development, exemplified by the Doi Tung Project, and his advocacy, including the “Carbon Credit from Community Forests for Sustainability” initiative, inspire global action. Additionally, his role in co-founding Social Enterprise Thailand reflects his commitment to nurturing socially conscious businesses for a brighter tomorrow.

Armelle Le Bihan: The Champion of Green Building

Armelle Le Bihan, a leader in environmental engineering, founded Green Building Consulting and Engineering (GBCE) in 2014. Her award-winning company leads in sustainable construction practices, assisting clients globally. Armelle’s expertise extends to governmental and international institutions, driving decarbonization efforts. Notably, she leads transformative projects like eco-districts in Mongolia and serves as a sustainability consultant for U-Tapao Airport City, advocating for policy reform on global platforms.

Arrut Navaraj: Organic Farming Champion and Community Leader

Arrut Navaraj, Managing Director of Sampran Riverside, transformed Suan Sampran with the Sampran Model. Using his background in chemical engineering and finance, he introduced organic farming initiatives. Collaborating with TOCA and utilising blockchain, he united nearly 200 farmers, benefiting the environment and local communities. Patom Organic Living exemplifies Arrut’s dedication to promoting organic practices and social responsibility.

Jakkapong “Tontarn” Chinkrathok: Eco-Tourism Entrepreneur and Cultural Conservationist

Jakkapong “Tontarn” Chinkrathok, CEO and Founder of Find Folk, addresses the detrimental effects of tourism expansion through his expertise in sustainability and hospitality. Find Folk, a social enterprise startup, promotes sustainable tourism by preserving cultural heritage and protecting the environment. Their efforts, including the transformation of Bangkrachao into an eco-friendly destination, have garnered recognition such as the Best in Show: Impact NOW award and the UNWTO Global Rural Tourism Startup Competition finalist title.

Patima Tungpuchayakul: Humanitarian Heroine and Migrant Rights Activist

Patima Tungpuchayakul, with her husband Sompong Srakaew, founded Labour Protection Network (LPN) in 2004, dedicated to migrant worker welfare. She embodies the spirit of World NGO Day. Her efforts in rescuing 2,000 fishermen and advocating for migrant worker rights showcase the impact NGOs can have on global issues.