Friday Future Lister: Words and Visuals: Exploring the Media Multiverse with Micky, Philip, and Teirra

Koktail Magazine

26 Jan 2024

Micky, Philip, and Teirra illuminate Thailand's media landscape with passion, commitment to truth, adaptability, and a shared desire for positive change

In this exploration of the media scene, Micky, Philip, and Teirra embody distinctive aspects of the media landscape in Thailand. As chief news editor, Micky steers TNN16 through the complex world of international affairs, ensuring the Thai audience receives accurate information amid a deluge of unconfirmed stories. Philip, with his literary contributions, has become a cultural cornerstone, capturing the essence of Thai popular culture in his works. Teirra, the investigative journalist, embraces the unconventional, uncovering impactful stories that often go unnoticed.

Thanchanok 'Micky' Jongyotying

Thanchanok, better known as Micky, plays an important role in media landscape as the Chief News Editor at TNN16. Her responsibilities extend beyond the traditional newsroom, encompassing both television and online platforms. Hosting the daily prime-time TV program, "TNN World Today," she brings a focus to international affairs.

Micky's journey has progressed from being a TV reporter and radio host to her current role as editor-in-chief. She is driven by a dedication to provide the Thai audience with factual information in an age of information overload. Her leadership philosophy centres on nurturing and supporting her team, resulting in TNN earning recognition as Thailand's Best International News Channel.

Philip Cornwel-Smith

Philip Cornwel-Smith has etched his name in Bangkok's cultural landscape, notably as a co-founder of Metro, the city's original listings magazine. However, it was his 2005 publication, "Very Thai," that catapulted him into the limelight. This iconic book explores Thailand's popular culture and has become a reference point for both Thais and foreigners, even finding a place in university curriculums. 

His subsequent work, "Very Bangkok," coincided with the onset of the pandemic, hampering its initial exposure but later gaining traction at the Ubud Writers Festival. Currently, Philip writes a monthly column for and is engaged in a new book on Thailand and updating "Very Thai" to reflect the significant changes of the past decade. Philip's perspective on Thai culture adds depth to our understanding. Balancing his work commitments, he strives for a healthier work-life equilibrium. Despite his knack for highlighting the quirky facets of Thai culture with humour and sensitivity, Philip is on a personal mission to curtail the slapstick sound effects pervasive in Thai media. 

Nutthachon 'Teirra' Kamolvattanavith

Teirra, a journalist and co-founder of Third Kulture Productions, finds truth to be stranger than fiction. Her passion lies in unearthing impactful, bizarre, and relevant true stories. Teirra's investigative pursuits have ranged from exploring a world-renowned Tantric cult to covering Thailand's marijuana decriminalisation. Her reporting spans a wide spectrum, addressing human rights, social justice, politics, culture, and crime.

Teirra is particularly drawn to shedding light on the unseen and giving a voice to the often ignored. Her work has garnered recognition, with a video report on Thailand's plastic pollution crisis earning the Best Single News Story accolade from the Asian Academy Creative Awards in 2019. Teirra has contributed to various platforms, including Vice World News, BBC World Service, Vice Asia, and Deutsche Welle. After participating in Netflix's The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition in 2021, Teirra realised a lifelong dream by founding Third Kulture Productions, a creative agency and production company providing comprehensive video and audio solutions. Clients such as UNESCO, BBC Storyworks, and BMW Financial Services have benefited from her creative endeavours.


Passion, Truth, Adaptability, and Change, in Harmony

Passion for Media

Each is passionate about their role in the media industry. Whether it's Micky's dedication to providing accurate news, Philip's exploration of Thai culture through literature, or Teirra's commitment to impactful journalism, they all showcase a love for their media-related endeavours.

Commitment to Truth and Impact

Micky, Philip, and Teirra are united in their commitment to truth and making a meaningful impact. Micky strives to provide factual information amidst an overload of unconfirmed stories, Philip captures the essence of Thai culture with authenticity, and Teirra explores impactful, often overlooked stories. Their shared commitment to truth underscores the importance of responsible media in society.

Adaptation to Change

In a constantly shifting media environment, these individuals exemplify adaptability. Micky oversees news content across different platforms, Philip updates his work to cover the changing landscape, and Teirra, after competing on a reality show, establishes her own creative agency and production company. This adaptability reflects their resilience in navigating the dynamic nature of media.

Desire for Positive Change

Whether it's Micky's hope for a future where Thai people have better rights and welfare, Philip's campaign against slapstick sound effects in Thai media, or Teirra's focus on shedding light on the unseen, all three harbour a desire for positive change through their media contributions.

We witness the diverse roles they play and the impact they have on shaping narratives. From newsrooms to literary contributions and investigative journalism, each adds a layer to Thailand's media landscape.