Driving Change: Bangkok's Innovative 'Wastebuy Delivery'

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Wongpanit Suvarnabhumi Recycle Station Co., Ltd. Join Forces to Revolutionise Waste Management

          The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, in collaboration with Wongpanit Suvarnabhumi Recycle Station Co., Ltd., has taken a significant step towards revolutionising waste management in the city with their innovative initiative, "Wastebuy Delivery.”

           It involves a fleet of 120 waste management vehicles that make house calls to purchase recyclable trash directly from residents. This project aims to promote waste separation and encourage citizens to actively participate in recycling efforts.

The Alarming Scale of Bangkok's Waste

          Bangkok has faced a waste disposal challenge that threatens its environment, economy, and overall well-being. As the city's population continues to grow, so does its waste production. Pornphrom Vikitsreth, adviser to the governor of Bangkok, stated

“Each year, Bangkok has an average of 8,674.73 tons of garbage per day and 3.17 million tons per year.”

          This astronomical volume of waste places immense pressure on the city's already strained waste management infrastructure. The gravity of Bangkok's waste dilemma becomes even more apparent when we look into the financial aspects as Prapas Luengsirinapha, the director of Department of Environment, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration stated

"At present, Bangkok has to allocate 1,800 baht per ton for waste management, resulting in a total waste disposal cost of 7 billion baht annually."

          This massive financial load not only diverts resources from vital public services but also highlights the pressing need to discover sustainable waste management solutions.

Innovation Takes the Wheel: Waste Sorting Unlocks Savings and Good Deeds

          However, by implementing effective garbage sorting methods, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration anticipates a potential 30-40% reduction in waste disposal expenses. The savings could then be allocated for initiatives such as student scholarships and other welfare programs within Bangkok.

Waste Warriors: Wongpanit Suvarnabhumi's Fight Against Global Warming Through Recycling

          Wongpanit Suvarnabhumi Recycle Station Co., Ltd. was established for almost 18 years with the purpose of establishing a centre for buying and recycling all processed recyclable materials as well as becoming a learning centre in Lat Krabang district. Their dedication has earned them numerous accolades, including ISO Standard 9001:2015 certification, recognition from Bangkok's Pollution Control Department, and prestigious awards for their contributions to green industry and ethical consciousness.

          Dr. Ittikon Srichanban, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Wongpanit Suvarnabhumi Recycle Station Co., Ltd., highlights the significant potential for income generation through recycling. Out of the 100,000 tons of waste generated in Bangkok, approximately 30% is recyclable, translating to an estimated income of 60 million baht annually. Prioritising waste sorting not only has economic advantages but also contributes to combating global warming. The introduction of 120 Wastebuy Delivery vehicles is a strategic move aimed at motivating and engaging the public in this crucial endeavour.

          This innovative approach fosters social good by promoting recycling and sustainability. They aim to transform the city's waste management landscape and inspire its citizens to be active participants in this essential mission. The clock is ticking, and Bangkok must rise to meet this daunting challenge before its garbage crisis reaches a point of no return.