Journey of Jewels: Van Cleef & Arpels’s 'Le Grand Tour' Collection

Travel through time and culture with Van Cleef & Arpels jewelleries pieces

          Van Cleef & Arpels presents 'Le Grand Tour': a collection inspired by the historical European journey of the same name that began in 16th century England. This expedition, popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, had wealthy young aristocrats travel across Europe for two to three years to broaden their education, character, and social networks.

          The trip necessitated two core elements: a stop in Paris and stays in major Italian cities. While destinations like northern France, Switzerland, the Alps, and Germany were common, the exact route varied. It represented a pinnacle of intellectual, cultural, and social growth, offering hands-on education in art and literature. Van Cleef & Arpels now reimagines this transformative journey, akin to the original explorers, crafting a collection that echoes Europe's artistic and cultural legacy. The collection features necklaces and bracelets that depict diverse landscapes, spanning from Italian antiquity to stunning snowy mountains.


The Josiah

          The heart of London is the birthplace of Wedgwood porcelain, the inspiration for the Josiah necklace. The Sri Lankan sapphires create an interplay of intense blue that evokes Wedgwood porcelain.         



          The Lucendi earrings bring back the elegance of the Court's ladies-in-waiting and the radiance of their private rooms. These earrings capture a cherished moment of conversation, influenced by Parisian sophistication. Resembling the intricate shape of chandeliers from the 18th century, they are decorated with dangling ornaments and mirror the design of a decorative basket.

The Alps

Regina Montium

          This necklace with pendant evokes the poetry of a snowy mountain landscape – like that of the Lac des Quatre-Cantons seen from Mont Rigi in Switzerland, which Leo Tolstoy described in his short story Lucerne (1857).


Escale au palais bracelet and Escale sacrée bracelet

          After crossing the Alps, Maison explores Italy for antique and renaissance treasures. In Venice, Rome, Florence, and Naples, Van Cleef & Arpels discovered architectural lines and luminous colours, inspiring these flexible bracelets. Honouring each city, they're flexible like 1920s bandeaux styles and gold inserts depict famous Italian landmarks, surrounded by gem accents resembling watercolour micro mosaics.


Chant des gondoliers

          The Chant des gondoliers necklace and earrings suggest the emblematic waters of Venice. There’s the element that evokes the city’s low bridges, like an invitation to a voyage along the river and the contours of a picturesque and sun- drenched Venice.



          The necklace draws inspiration from Etruscan jewellery, offering a unique perspective on Florence's treasures with the combination that is repeated on the earrings.


Piazza divina

          The Piazza Divina necklace invites you to journey to Rome's gates and Saint Peter’s Square, famous for its unique baroque architecture by Bernini.



          The Ninfe necklace depicts a generous floral crown, like those that can be seen in the mosaics of the ruined Nymphaeum in Herculaneum, a moment dedicated to the nymphs.



          During Baden-Baden's festivals in the Black Forest, participants wear crowns adorned with colourful beads, ribbons, and flowers. The Schäppel ring captures this joyful spirit. It features carefully chosen stones, blending harmonious tones.