Friday Future Lister: Healing Hearts and Paws: The Chaiplum Veterinarians

The Heroes Behind Pattaya Animal Hospital and Animal Army Foundation, Dr. Kwanchai and Dr. Jaroensi Chaiplum

Dr. Kwanchai Chaiplum and Dr. Jaroensi Chaiplum, both dedicated veterinary surgeons, are the heart and soul of Pattaya Animal Hospital and the co-founders of the Animal Army Foundation. Based in Pattaya, Thailand, these compassionate individuals are on a mission to provide lifesaving medical care and population control for homeless street animals, making a significant impact on animal welfare in their community.


The Dogfather and His Partner

Known affectionately as the "Dogfather," Dr. Kwanchai specialises in complicated surgeries, cancer cases, and trauma incidents. His expertise extends to conditions like transmissible venereal tumours (TVT), which are not uncommon in street animals. On the other hand, Dr. Jaroensi specialises in organs and disease, adding her skills to the cause. Their days are filled with handling a range of cases, from hit and run accidents to animals who have been cruelly shot, poisoned, strangled with rope, or slashed with knives.

Compassion at Every Stage

Apart from focusing on medical treatment, Pattaya Animal Hospital also offers compassionate end-of-life options, a sensitive subject in Thai Buddhist culture. The hospital team understands the importance of providing a humane and caring environment for animals, even in their final moments.

Challenges in Pattaya

Pattaya, like many places, has its share of challenges when it comes to animal welfare. The fight against rabies in the city's red zones is particularly challenging, and the shortage of rabies vaccines further complicates the matter. Nevertheless, Dr. Kwanchai and Dr. Jaroensi continue to dedicate themselves to protecting both animals and the community from this deadly disease.

An Insight into Their Lives

When they're not tending to animals, the couple can often be seen cycling for health. This shows their dedication to both the welfare of animals and their own well-being.

The Animal Army Foundation

Founded in 2020 and registered in Thailand, the Animal Army Foundation is driven by a shared commitment to animal welfare. In addition to the Chaiplums, the foundation is led by Rescuer Nicole Marchment from Australia. Together, they focus on improving the lives of homeless companion animals throughout Southeast Asia by offering medical programs, educational initiatives, advocacy, and community outreach efforts. Their ultimate goal is to promote kindness and end animal cruelty.

A Hub of Compassion

The foundation operates an Emergency Inpatient Department seven days a week, providing critical care for animals in need. With the capacity to care for up to 50 dogs and 20 cats at any given time, they ensure that every patient receives prompt and comprehensive medical attention. Their Outpatient Clinic extends their reach, catering to an additional 20 patients.

Serving the Community

Beyond their hospital services, Dr. Kwanchai and Dr. Jaroensi Chaiplum manage an ambulance service and a foster home for disabled dogs. The hospital facilities are designed for future expansion, including the establishment of an adoption cafe with physiotherapy facilities, therapy pools, and dedicated training and education rooms.

The Heart of Their Work

The Animal Army Foundation relies solely on the generosity of compassionate individuals who donate to support their invaluable work in Thailand. Through their dedication and the support of their community, they are making a significant impact on the lives of homeless animals, creating a brighter future for both the animals and the people of Pattaya.

Their mission is an example of how compassion and social responsibility can ignite a positive transformation, bringing communities together in a collective endeavour to create a better and more harmonious society.