Thailand’s Favourite Restaurants 2024 by Koktail: Your Passport to Fine Dining and more in Thailand was published in print and online 13th December

Experience a flavourful journey through more than 350 exceptional restaurants, unveiling Thailand's culinary treasures from north to south

A must-have for food enthusiasts, 'Thailand’s Favourite Restaurants by Koktail' 2024 edition boasts a curated selection of over 350 restaurants spanning the northern charm of Chiang Mai, the fine dining excellence of Bangkok to the southern allure of Phuket. From exquisite setting to laid-back gems, this guide is your passport to culinary delights, rated for food, setting, drinks, and service. You can find the guidebook at Asia Books, Kinokuniya, or by direct order with Koktail Magazine.

Distinguishing itself, the guidebook serves as a platform for discovering new talent within Thailand's culinary scene. Award categories have expanded, including Neighborhood Favourites of the Year for each region, Soft Pairing of the Year, Wine List of the Year, Vegan Restaurant of the Year, Halal Restaurant of the Year, Opening of the Year, Pastry Chef of the Year, and Exceptional Culinary Contribution. Standout winners Potong and Haoma claimed the Restaurants of the Year titles, while chefs Wilfrid Hocquet and Riley Sanders were crowned Chefs of the Year, highlighting the capital’s rise as a global culinary hub.

The guidebook "Thailand’s Favourite Restaurants by Koktail" is suitable for food enthusiasts, individuals who are passionate about exploring and experiencing diverse culinary delights, and travellers visiting Thailand. It serves as a culinary passport across Thailand, making it an excellent choice for those who want to explore and savour the rich and varied food offerings in different regions of Thailand.

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