Friday Future Lister: Rooted in Nature, Transformed by Science: The Inspiring Journey of Sudtana and Its Founder Manusanun “Mew” Leelahongjudha

Sudtana blends ancient Thai remedies with modern science, offering clean, sustainable beauty products that encourage self-love and self-discovery

In today's era where embracing your true beauty through self-love and acceptance is a prevailing trend, revealing your natural skin is an essential part of this movement. Meet Manusanun "Mew" Leelahongjudha, one of Koktail’s Future List  and a co-founder of Sudtana, whose curiosity blossomed into a lifelong passion for marrying ancient wisdom with modern science.  

What distinguishes Sudtana is its focus on skincare and its commitment to promoting self-love and acceptance, stemming from Mew's fond childhood experiences with her grandfather, a village doctor whose herbal remedies laid the foundation for Sudtana's ethos.

Roots in Tradition: The Birth of Sudtana

This journey began at MIT, where a Fulbright Scholarship became the gateway to scientifically enhance her family's modest practices. As Sudtana sprouted from these seeds, it became a harmonious blend of ancestral Thai remedies and cutting-edge technology.

Mew, drawing from her family's heritage, took her grandfather's traditional remedies to MIT, enhancing their healing properties while staying true to their roots. The story is one that begins with a village doctor's passion for natural ingredients, shaping the family's values and becoming deeply rooted in herbal lore.

Clean, Sustainable, Revolutionary

Sudtana's commitment to providing clean, non-toxic, and sustainable beauty products underscores their dedication to a green and conscientious personal care routine. With a focus on repairing, replenishing, and rejuvenating from the outside in, leading the way in the green beauty movement.


Sudtana: Aspiring for Dreams to Come True

Derived from the word “Sudpratana,” meaning dreams come true or aspire to be, Sudtana encapsulates the brand's vision. Inspired by the power of nature and rooted in ancient Thai herbal remedies, and aiming to be transformative and healing. Their journey towards self-discovery and spiritual harmony extends to empowering small-scale Thai farmers who play a crucial role in crafting their natural beauty products.

With a wide range of green beauty products, including organic, clean, vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free options, Sudtana encourages customers to embrace their unique traits and hopes to inspire a green skincare routine that enhances natural beauty and is mindful of the environment.

Beyond the boardroom, Mew's life pulsates with her devotion to yoga, beach exploration, and a plant-based lifestyle. Her personal evolution mirrors Sudtana's commitment to clean, sustainable beauty, with a skincare routine transformed from external fixes to holistic, natural rejuvenation. Mew's story is connected to familial bonds, personal growth, and a commitment to self-love that emanates from within, echoing the essence of her brand.