Stylish and Sustainable Thai Brands Accessories for a Greener World

Embrace Style and Sustainability: Exploring Thai brands redefining fashion for a better future

          In an era where the environmental impact of the fashion industry is a growing concern, responsible consumer choices have never been more crucial. Koktail aims to spotlight the importance of sustainable fashion and showcase Thai brands that excel in combining style and sustainability in their accessory lines. These Thai brands have taken on the challenge of creating eco-friendly accessories by adopting materials, production methods, and ethical practices that minimise harm to the environment.

Thai brands that strike a balance between style and sustainability

Mirror Mirror: From a Beer Can to Stylish Earrings

          Mirror Mirror is a Thai jewellery brand that prioritises social responsibility and the environment. With a focus on sustainability, Mirror Mirror caters to younger generations who gravitate towards eco-friendly and upcycled products. Accessories are more than mere decorations for Mirror Mirror; they serve as a means of conveying powerful messages to consumers. As an example, in collaboration with DRY CLEAN ONLY Bangkok, they have transformed beer cans into earrings, adding value to materials through upcycling. Mirror Mirror's dedication to sustainability was recognised with the Design Excellence Award (DEMark) in 2021.

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Photo: Courtesy of MIRROR MIRROR

Photo: Courtesy of MIRROR MIRROR

Eastern Antiques: Ancient Tiles Reborn as Unique Jewellery

          Eastern Antiques specialises in various decorations and silverware. However, their most remarkable offerings are the jewellery pieces crafted from fragmented tiles of ancient Chinese and Thai origin. These unique accessories, such as earrings, rings, bracelets, and tie clips, are considered one-of-a-kind, with each piece possessing its own distinctive features. The majority of these items feature a blue-and-white design. Additionally, they also offer a puzzle ring for sale.

          Eastern Antiques' commitment to sustainability shines through its remarkable jewellery pieces and by repurposing these tiles into unique accessories, the company not only preserves the historical and cultural value of these artifacts but also promotes sustainability. By breathing new life into these fragmented tiles, Eastern Antiques promotes the concept of circular economy and sustainable consumption. By celebrating and incorporating elements of these rich cultural heritages, Eastern Antiques fosters cultural appreciation and awareness while promoting sustainable practices. All of these highlight their dedication to sustainability by minimising waste, preserving cultural heritage, and promoting mindful consumption.

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Photo: Courtesy of Eastern Antiques

Photo: Courtesy of Eastern Antiques

Photo: Courtesy of Eastern Antiques

Sarr.rai: Crafted Jewellery with a Sustainable Touch

          Sarr.rai offers ready-to-wear and made-to-order sustainable jewellery sourced from local Thai artisans. The brand prioritises the utilisation of eco-friendly materials. For instance, they opt for silver 925 due to its enduring texture even after multiple melting processes. This choice helps minimise waste and ensures that the jewellery remains long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements. In addition, if customers grow tired of their products, they can have them recycled. The brand also goes beyond conventional materials by incorporating upcycled gems made from glass waste into their designs.

          The brand exemplifies sustainability through its conscious approach to sourcing and production. Sarr.rai's utilisation of eco-friendly materials, recycling initiatives, and incorporation of upcycled gems all contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of its jewellery production.

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WasticThailand: Transforming Plastic Waste into Fashionable Glasses

          Wastic Thailand is a lifestyle brand from plastic waste of 4 best friends who met in the Master's Classroom for Marine Plastic Abatement Program. The sunglasses by the brand are created using recycled plastic, which is made from a single material. This makes it easier to recycle compared to the current challenge of recycling, where garbage often contains multiple materials, making the process difficult.

          While sunglasses serve as a beginning for Wastic Thailand, the main goal of the four friends is to transform various plastic waste items into attractive and useful options. Their intention is to provide beautiful products that cater to individuals who already embrace a zero-waste lifestyle and those who lead a more typical lifestyle. Additionally, they aim to increase people's accessibility to environmentally friendly products.

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Rubber Killer: Upcycling Tires into Fashion Marvel

          Rubber Killer is a brand of bags and lifestyle products.  The owner utilised motorcycle tires to create a unique book spine. However, there were surplus tires remaining, prompting the idea of crafting wallets from them. This marked the inception of the Rubber Killer brand. They produce many bags using tires from small cars to big cars and other materials. Furthermore, these materials boast exceptional durability.

          By utilising discarded tires, this practice aligns with the principles of circular economy and upcycling, as it transforms an otherwise wasted material into functional and stylish products that stand the test of time. The durability of the products reduces the need for frequent replacements and contributes to a more sustainable consumption pattern. Through their clever designs and conscious material choices, Rubber Killer demonstrates that sustainability can be integrated into everyday products. By repurposing materials that would otherwise be discarded, the brand showcases the potential for creativity and environmental responsibility within the fashion industry.

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          By supporting ethical and environmentally conscious brands, we can inspire change in the fashion industry. Fashion has the power to create a greener and more sustainable world. Choose stylish and sustainable accessories from these Thai brands and contribute to a future where fashion and the environment coexist harmoniously. Join the movement for a greener world!