Friday Future Lister: Stand-Up for Rights with Kittiporn "Tangmo" Rodvanich

Mo Rodvanich joined a global lineup for human rights comedy and finding laughter in life's challenges

Kittiporn "Tangmo" Rodvanich, one of Koktail’s Future List 100 2023, is not your typical Hollywood success story. Before making her mark in the US entertainment industry with stand-up comedy and a stint on "NCIS Los Angeles," Tangmo navigated a diverse range of jobs. From being a wedding organiser to making props, waiting tables, and working as a kitchen helper, she did it all. Her unique journey led her to become the first Master of Fine Arts acting student from Thailand at the University of California San Diego, supported by a full scholarship.

Turning Heartache into Laughter

Last few years have been a roller coaster of emotions for Tangmo, marked by a divorce, breaking into the competitive LA entertainment industry, and the loss of her father to illness. Rather than succumbing to despair, Tangmo turned her pain into art. She transformed her love and heartache into a stand-up comedy sketch, drawing inspiration from the deep tragedies depicted in an American playwright, Eugene O'Neill's plays, known for his exploration of deep psychological and familial themes. His works, influenced by personal struggles, continue to be celebrated for their impact on modern drama. Tangmo takes pride in making people laugh and inspiring them to be proud of themselves and mentally resilient.

Stand-Up for Human Rights

On December 10, 2023, Tangmo participated in "Stand-Up for Human Rights," a comedy show aimed at addressing human rights issues through humour. The event, held at the Alliance Française auditorium and organised by the UN Human Rights Office in Bangkok, was free and open to the public.


This show, conducted in English, featured comedians from various countries sharing their stories on topics of identity, migration, gender, inclusion, caste, and racial justice. It was part of the Human Rights 75 initiative, launched by UN Human Rights to revive the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948. The initiative aims to promote, protect, and respect the rights of every person without discrimination.


"Stand-Up for Human Rights" provided a platform for people to come together, using creativity and laughter to confront fear, hatred, and discrimination. The central message of the event was that sharing stories brings people together, and laughter reminds us of our commonalities rather than our differences.

A Global Lineup for Human Rights

The comedy show boasted an international lineup, with Pakistani-Malaysian comedian Kavin Jay as the host. Joining him were comedians from across the region, including Ligwina Hananto from Indonesia, Manjeet Sarkar from India, Sam See from Singapore, Maitreyi Karanth from Hong Kong-China, and Tofiga Fepulea'i from Samoa. The varied backgrounds of these comedians added to a diverse collection of human experiences and viewpoints.

"When we are trapped in a toxic relationship, we often let the other person violated our own human rights without realising it"

Stated Kittiporn Rodvanich during the show

Mo's involvement in "Stand-Up for Human Rights" supports the initiative's aim of using humour to tackle important issues, sending a strong message that laughter can bring people together and promote understanding in the pursuit of human rights.