Summer Begins at the Somerset Pattaya. Koktail was a guest of Somerset, as they showed us life is so much more than just a beach.

Koktail Magazine

13 Apr 2024

Discover how Somerset Pattaya highlights eco-consciousness, local support, and family experiences.

Managed by Ascott the Residence, the hotel focuses on three areas significant to many: environmental sustainability, support for local communities and small businesses, and family—the heart of their target clientele. Set against the backdrop of Central Pattaya, Somerset Pattaya welcomes guests with open arms.

Comfort and Convenience

With 324 well-appointed units ranging from standard to three-bedroom, they cater to corporate travellers and families. From function rooms for meetings, to swimming pools and children's playrooms, Somerset Pattaya ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all groups.

A Community-Centric Stay with Local Flavour and Artisanal Touches

Koktail’s stay began with gift baskets from six local artisans, setting the tone for a community-oriented stay and showcasing the hotel's support for local businesses. A highlight of the welcome was a reed diffuser workshop conducted by Pili Pili Candles, where participants enjoyed crafting reed diffusers inspired by the unique scents that define Pattaya.

We received a variety of locally-made treasures. Among them a woven bag from Pannasnikom and a fish keychain from Grandma’s Handwoven Fabrics, Ban Puek, by Ang Sila. Adding to the delights was a crispy coconut roll from Ban Khon Phisai Social Enterprise in Si Racha. To quench our thirst in the Thai heat, we drank crafted herbal soda from Bang Pla Soi community, a local SME shop.

We couldn't resist the temptation of several local ice cream varieties served on the 24th floor, courtesy of MEK Ice Cream. Flavours such as 'Chocolate from Chumphon,' which uses cocoa from Chumphon province, reflecting the belief that Thailand can successfully cultivate cocoa.

Exploring further, we found accommodation featuring essential amenities, laundry facilities, kitchen appliances, and emphasising locally-sourced products, Somerset Pattaya creates an environment where guests can truly relax.

Nights to Remember

Nights were filled with sumptuous seafood meals and rooftop music with views of Bali Hai Pier. The experience was heightened by the Patana fireworks festival, lighting up the skyline in a breathtaking display.

Thakian Tia Community: Embracing Coconut-Centric Culture

The hotel's dedication to community integration was evident as we ventured out to participate in tie-dye workshops and learned about sustainable coconut practices at Thakian Tia community, a community where the traditions of coconut cultivation and the culture of its people intertwine. From refreshing coconut water to creamy coconut milk used in curries and desserts, every part of the coconut is utilised, making it a cornerstone of Thai cuisine and culture. 

Our adventure concluded with a visit to Pattaya Disc Golf Clear Sky Garden Aiko, where we discovered a disc golf course nestled within a coconut plantation. This unique sport, played with frisbees instead of clubs and balls, is being pushed as a demonstration sport in the SEA Games and provided a fitting end to our exploration of Pattaya's treasures as a guest of Somerset Pattaya.