Koktail Conversation Special Edition with David Steyn General Manager of Shinta Mani Wild

Koktail Magazine

07 Mar 2024

Nigel Oakins sits down with South African David Steyn, general manager of Shinta Mani Wild - A Bensley Collection, on location at the Landing Zone bar at the heart of this one-of-a-kind resort on the edge of the Cardamom National Forest in Cambodia. David who is a qualified field guide with wilderness experience shares how he manages this incredible property with just 15 rooms which may just be about as near to perfect as a hotel room (they call them tents) can be.


Shinta Mani Wild sits just a one hour flight from Bangkok to Phnom Penh and a two hour drive along an empty new highway and short jeep ride through the base of the jungle hills. Depending on the time of the year various seasonal activities present themselves to guests but the over-riding experience is being at one with Cambodian nature while also gaining an insight to the people that have used the national forests as a source of food and shelter but are now adapting to the potential of a wider economic life preserving the forests and venturing into greater economic activity within the resort and nearby. David shares his vision of how he, his wife Solveig (director of wellness at Shinta Mani Wild) and two Cambodian dogs have helped make this resort the perfect three to four day getaway that will surely give you a completely new perspective on Cambodia.