SHAPE APAC 2023: Young Leaders United to Inspire, Connect, and Innovate for a Better Tomorrow

The Global Shapers Community Bangkok rebuilds a resilient region through insightful discussions, innovative solutions, and meaningful connections with Koktail magazine as a media partner

SHAPE APAC 2023, organised by the Global Shapers Community Bangkok, is a collaborative effort to address the challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region. In the face of polycrisis, they understand that it is time to take action.

With the theme "Rebuilding a Resilient Region," the three-day event brought together 178 young leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators from 30 countries, focusing on fostering collaboration and innovation.

Reconnect and Set the Tone

The conference started with an emphasis on reconnecting after a prolonged hiatus. It featured an opening address by the World Economic Forum, setting the stage for discussions on tackling complex global challenges. The day ended with a relaxed networking session on a Chao Phraya boat cruise, offering participants a taste of Bangkok's river attractions and a chance to connect further.

Diverse Experiences

Day two was all about re-inspiring attendees with a diverse range of experiences. In Track 1, participants explored sustainable practices related to energy and food security by visiting Siam Cement Group and Simummuang markets. Track 2 took another group into the dynamic world of tourism and the creative economy at Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC), where they enjoyed a tea tasting workshop and engaged in thought-provoking discussions. Meanwhile, Track 3 ventured to Patom Organic Living for wellness practices and holistic healthcare. The day concluded with a cultural gala dinner, where participants shared their cultures by wearing traditional attire. Additionally, a world cafe session showcased successful projects from other hubs, fostering cross-hub initiatives and providing valuable learning experiences.

Strengthened the Bonds

The final day focused on outdoor activities at Suan Sampran, featuring rice planting, tea tasting, and learning the art of cooking som tum. Participants embraced local culture and traditions, creating lasting memories.

With the support of sponsors ThaiBev, One Bangkok, Fraser, C-Asean, King’s Stella, Simummuang, impact partners and the power of youth-led initiatives and global cooperation, SHAPE APAC 2023 set the stage for continued collaboration in rebuilding a resilient Asia-Pacific region. Through diverse experiences, cross-hub initiatives, and cultural exchange, the event has reconnected and inspired young leaders and innovators, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to address the complex global challenges of our time. It shows the potential of global cooperation and the importance of collaborative efforts that could set the stage for continued positive change and progress in the world.