Friday Future Lister: Transforming Waste into Wonder: The Rousing Journey of Saruta "Pin" Kiatparkpoom

Saruta "Pin" Kiatparkpoom, Managing Director of Pin Metal Art, turns steel waste into functional art, wins awards, and envisions a sustainable creative studio for the future

Have you thought about the joy of experiencing beautiful artworks and, beyond that, deriving a sense of fulfilment from repurposed materials? Meet one of our Koktail’s Future List, Saruta "Pin" Kiatparkpoom, the managing director and designer behind Pin Metal Art Co Ltd.

Growing up in a family in the steel industry, the rhythmic clang of metalwork was a familiar melody in her everyday life. However, armed with a degree in fine and applied arts, Pin envisioned a new purpose for the seemingly worthless steel debris that often surrounded her.

In a bid to transform mundane metal scraps into art objects and home decor, Pin began with crafting metal art objects, but it didn't take long for her to think beyond mere decorative pieces. Soon, her creative flair led her to integrate these metal fragments into functional spaces. Her chandeliers, akin to those adorning ICONSIAM, became highly sought after in the realm of design.

A Recognition Well Earned

In 2021, Pin clinched the Designer of the Year award in Product Design which is the great award for Thai designers under the cooperation of Silpakorn University, The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture, Thai Graphic Designers Association and Thailand Interior Designers' Association, TIDA. This achievement highlights her dedication to uplifting the skills and career prospects of her team. Pin Metal Art Co Ltd is a platform where creativity converges with craftsmanship, resulting in both stunning designs and enhanced professional growth.

Turning Scrap into Art

Taking her passion for sustainable design a step further, Pin collaborated with Nespresso and Wonderfruit to transform discarded coffee capsules and scrap metal into a remarkable installation. This effort came to life as an exhibit at the Nespresso store in Siam Paragon, underscoring the potential of upcycling to create visually stunning and environmentally conscious installations.


A Studio with a Purpose

Looking ahead, Pin envisions a future where the art of metalwork is a shared knowledge. In the pipeline is a new studio cum training centre, a space where young individuals can explore the realms of metal art, design, and craftsmanship. Pin is resolute in her commitment to imparting her skills and insights, fostering the growth of the next generation of creatives who, like her, are dedicated to resource-efficient art and design.


Pin takes pride in her individual achievements and her contribution to a sustainable world through resource-efficient art and design and embodies creativity and sustainability, with each crafted piece echoing a resolute commitment to a brighter, more environmentally conscious future. In Pin's world, scrap becomes a blank canvas for extraordinary transformation.