Pure Progress: Equator's Journey of Green Genius & Global Recognition

PiPPER STANDARD's Pineapple-Powered Innovation for sustainable cleaning solutions

          In the heart of Southeast Asia's natural laundry and home care market, Equator Pure Nature Co., Ltd. stands as a star, and the year 2023 has brought them a sparkling accolade. On August 18th, 2023, Equator Pure Nature was crowned the "IP Champion 2023" at the Intellectual Property Expo held in Bangkok, an event that epitomises innovation and creativity. This award, conferred by Thailand's Department of Intellectual Property under the Ministry of Commerce, acknowledges the company's adherence to the national "bio-circular-green" economy ethos, aligning with international sustainability and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) standards.

Natural Genius: The Pineapple Fermentation Breakthrough

          At the core of their journey lies the PiPPER STANDARD branded product line, known for its unique pineapple fermentation process that yields powerful natural enzymes and biosurfactants. These game-changing cleaning solutions, featured in laundry detergents and other household cleaners, were the driving force behind this award, recognising EPN's groundbreaking patented innovations in the world of fermentation technology.

Redefining Clean: PiPPER's Green Wave in Asia

          PiPPER STANDARD's range of natural, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating cleaning products offers a safe and effective alternative to conventional chemical cleaners. Rigorous testing has demonstrated their cleaning efficacy, often surpassing chemical counterparts. Today, the brand stands as a frontrunner in Southeast Asia's eco-friendly laundry and home care market, extending its footprint to numerous Asian territories.

          Peter Wainman, EPN's Chairman and CEO, reacted with pride, emphasising the award's importance. He pointed out that it reflects both the company's solid intellectual property foundations and their unyielding devotion to crafting environmentally conscious, biodegradable goods.

Planet, People, Profit: Equator's Global Triumph

          Equator Pure Nature has clinched patents in regions accounting for 65% of global GDP, stretching from Thailand to Europe and the United States. Their sustainable vision, combined with a "triple bottom line" methodology prioritising ecological and social gains alongside financial ones, reaffirms their commitment to a sustainable tomorrow.

PiPPER Pioneers: Bringing Pineapple-Powered Clean to Indonesia

          As Equator Pure Nature forges ahead, they are breaking new ground by partnering with PT Visi Ragam Trigatra in Indonesia. This alliance unlocks the vast potential of Southeast Asia's biggest market, presenting PiPPER STANDARD's comprehensive line of eco-friendly products. With everything from laundry solutions to hand soaps, all stemming from their signature pineapple fermentation method, the Indonesian market is an ideal next step for the brand’s expansion.

          Equator Pure Nature's pursuit of sustainable advancement and their dedication to eco-responsible products is admirable in  lighting the path to a more sustainable future for everyone.