Empowering Disability Inclusion: Insights from the Neurodiversity at Work Research Centre Event

NWRC & Sasin School of Management hosted "Inclusive Workplaces, Thriving Businesses" event focusing on disability employment law and inclusion strategies

The Neurodiversity at Work Research Centre (NWRC) and Sasin School of Management recently collaborated on an event titled "Inclusive Workplaces, Thriving Businesses: Mastering Disability Employment Law for Growth," held on February 8, 2024, at TK Hall Sasin. This gathering aimed to foster collaboration and discussion on shaping inclusive workplaces through a deeper understanding of disability employment law.

The event commenced with introductions of key speakers and terms essential to the discussion, such as People with Disabilities (PWD) and Neurodivergent (ND) individuals. Max Simpson, CEO and Founder of Steps; Pear Chainares, Head of Employment; and Kate Gerits, Director of Operations - Thailand, IHG Hotels & Resorts, were among the notable contributors to the presentation.

The discussion centred on various aspects of disability inclusion in the workplace, particularly focusing on the legal framework. Key topics included quotas for hiring PWDs, challenges related to accessing resources like medical certification, and addressing the prevalent lack of awareness and stigma surrounding disabilities. The presentation debunked myths and presented facts about disability employment while emphasising the importance of providing meaningful job opportunities for PWDs.

Steps Towards Inclusive Workplaces and Empowerment

Steps, a passionate team dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities, was highlighted during the event. Through vocational training centres and social businesses like coffee shops in Bangkok, Steps aims to equip young adults, including neurodivergent individuals, with the necessary skills for a fulfilling career. Additionally, Steps provides therapy services for children and young adults, emphasising their commitment to enabling all individuals to lead purposeful lives.

The organisation's multifaceted approach includes running vocational training centres, collaborating with schools to develop tailored educational plans, operating coffee shops as safe spaces for skill application, and offering employment opportunities through their Business Service Centre. Steps also facilitates partnerships with businesses to secure employment for their trainees post-program completion, boasting a remarkable 100% employment rate among graduates.

Beyond Employment: Steps' Holistic Approach to Support

Steps extends its impact beyond vocational training and employment by providing therapy services, hosting training workshops for educational staff, and participating in external events through food and drink stands run by trainees.

As a social organisation, Steps reinvests 100% of its profits to ensure sustainability and growth, thereby advancing its mission of empowering individuals with disabilities to access opportunities they rightfully deserve.