88rising’s NIKI will be Serenading for Bangkok Fans this September

NIKI announces ‘Nicole World Tour’, singing her way through cities in the US, Asia, Australia, and Europe

Embarking on her Nicole World Tour, sensational artist NIKI from 88rising is coming to perform in Bangkok for the first time at BCC Hall on September 11.

88rising, the American music company founded by Sean Miyashiro, has taken the world by storm, serving as a vibrant platform and record label for talented Asian American and Asian artists like Joji, Keith Ape, Rich Brian, Jackson Wang, Bibi, and NIKIi, who make waves with their music in the United States.

Born in Indonesia, NIKI, also known as Nicole Zefanya, is a singer songwriter who discovered her passion for music at an early age, teaching herself to play the guitar and crafting her own original tunes by the age of 13. Growing up with her mother's gospel melodies, NIKI's musical tastes are as diverse as they come, encompassing pop, folk, R&B, and Indie genres. Her albums "Moonchild 2020" and "Nicole 2022" have been widely acclaimed, featuring hit tracks like "Lowkey," "Every Summertime," "La la Lost You," and "High School in Jakarta."

Get ready to sing your heart and immerse yourself in NIKI’s catchy tunes and youthful energy. 

NIKI Live in Bangkok will be held at BCC Hall, Central Ladprao on September 11. Priced at 2,600 baht, tickets are available at