From Tradition to Transformation: Khanom Chin Baskets in Eco-Friendly Innovations

Khanom Chin baskets are transforming into eco-friendly innovations, saving marine life, and supporting sustainable practices and marine conservation efforts.

Across Thailand the sight of Khanom Chin (rice vermicelli) being sold in small baskets at the market is commonplace. While some families dispose of these baskets after enjoying their meal, others repurpose them as sponge plates. Unlocking the secrets behind this practice can actually turn into a fun journey, paving the way for a change in behaviour, promoting sustainable habits.

Tradition and Transformation

Poonsook, an environmental enterprise, designs and produces Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) recycled products, also offering a Plastic Recycle Workshop. Among their innovative creations are turtle-shaped bottle openers crafted from recycled Khanom Chin baskets. Each purchase of these bottle openers directly contributes to marine life conservation efforts. The production of one bottle opener requires 14 Khanom Chin baskets, which is equivalent to 27 water bottle caps.

The bottle openers serve a dual purpose: aiding in the conservation of endangered marine life and promoting sustainable practices. Purchasing one of these openers from Poonsook Craft contributes to the work of the Sireetarn Marine Endangered Animals Rescue Center, aiding in the rehabilitation of turtles.

• 1 turtle-shaped bottle opener requires 14 baskets.


• This amount of baskets is equivalent to 27 water bottle caps.


• Purchasing 1 bottle opener directly contributes to marine life conservation efforts.

Sireetarn Marine Center in Animal Rescue

Thailand faces challenges in providing adequate medical care for endangered animals due to limited resources and infrastructure, resulting in many losing their lives unnecessarily. Recognising this need, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment established the Sireetarn Marine Endangered Animals Rescue Center in Phuket Province in 2019.

How You Can Help Without Purchasing a Bottle Opener

For those who don't use bottle openers but still wish to support the cause, there's an opportunity to participate. By sending Khanom Chin baskets or water bottle caps to Poonsook Craft's Plastic Recycle Workshop at the Si Ko Market Office in Phuket, individuals can contribute to the production of these eco-friendly bottle openers and support marine conservation efforts.


Through such simple yet impactful actions, individuals can play a role in preserving Thailand's biodiversity and ensuring a more sustainable future. By reimagining everyday items like Khanom Chin baskets as tools for environmental conservation.


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