Friday Future Lister: Pixels, Portraits, And Purpose — Thanaboon's Diverse Drive for Change

How Thanaboon "Ace" Somboon integrates computer science with art for societal betterment

          In an era where embracing diversity is frequently recognised as a pathway to achievement, few embody the merging of different worlds as comprehensively as Ace, Thanaboon Somboon. His educational background in computer science at Thammasat and fashion and advertising photography at San Francisco's Academy of Art University, serve as evidence of how varied experiences can cultivate a unique perspective in the professional world.

Code and Camera: The Dual Mastery of Thanaboon

          Thanaboon's foundation in computer science provided him with analytical abilities and a talent for solving logical problems. Meanwhile, a passion for photography fostered creativity, an eye for detail, and the ability to capture and communicate emotions. This powerful blend has paved the way for his multi-faceted success in areas like advertising, community management, digital marketing, and creative consultation.

CreativeMOVE: Thanaboon's Transition to Societal Impact

          However, it wasn't just professional success that Thanaboon aspired for. After volunteering for flood relief, his priorities underwent a significant transformation. Witnessing the immediate needs of society, he made a deliberate decision to utilise his skills and connections for the betterment of the community. Departing from his thriving career as a fashion photographer, he shifted his focus towards creating positive societal impacts.

          CreativeMOVE, launched in 2009, serves as a concrete manifestation of this vision. Operating as a social innovation agency, it underscores the importance of fusing creativity, art, and design for driving social change. Further amplifying his mission to unite like-minded individuals, Thanaboon established Creative Citizen in 2012. This network brought together creative and design professionals and artists, all united by the common goal of societal innovation.

A Convenience Store Revelation: The Story Behind Greenery's Creation

          While his previous initiatives showcased a dedication to community and artistry, it was an ordinary late-night visit to a convenience store in 2017 that birthed another transformative idea. The stark contrast between the “fast food” options he observed and the farmer's markets from his student days in San Francisco stirred a realisation. Thus, Greenery was born.


          Greenery is a community dedicated to promoting the significance of safe, sustainable food choices for both personal well-being and the health of our planet. It advocates for organic farming as it benefits farmers economically while providing us with healthier food options and reducing chemical usage. This approach safeguards our soil, water, and air, sparing farmers from the harmful effects of chemicals. Greenery also provides activities such as Greenery market, event and workshop, Greenery Talk and Greenery Challenge for people to get closely involved with.

          Greenery isn’t just a platform—it's a movement. It pushes the narrative of sustainability, championing the concept of "eat good, live green". By offering consumers accurate information for healthy consumption, it seeks to nurture a harmonious relationship between individuals and the planet. And as Thanaboon gears up to elevate Greenery to a social enterprise status, Koktail magazine watches in anticipation.