Netflix’s Chefs Uncut: Insights with Chef Ton and Chef Pam

Discover the juicy secrets behind two of Asia's hottest chefs with Netflix series reveals at Soho House Bangkok.

Chefs Uncut is Asia's first chef biography series on Netflix, exploring the lives of six famous chefs from Southeast Asia. The series features Chef Ton, Chef Pam, Chef Bjorn Shen, Chef LG Han, Chef Janice Wong, and Chef Jordy Navarra. Each episode lasts 30 minutes, providing a close-up view of their culinary adventures.


The documentary series goes beyond the kitchen to explore the personal stories of these chefs, highlighting their creativity, passion, and dedication to their art. Viewers get a chance to see each chef's distinct cooking style, their techniques, and the personal stories that have shaped their careers. This 6 x 30-minute series takes the audience from the busy streets of urban centres to quiet remote villages, giving viewers a taste of the region's cultural traditions and flavours.

'Chefs Uncut' at Soho House Bangkok Event

Koktail covered the "Chefs Uncut" event at Soho House Bangkok, where the highlights from the series were presented, followed by a relaxed discussion featuring Chef Pam, Chef Ton, and Jon Lister, the creator and director of the show.

In the series, Chef Ton (Thitid Tassanakajohn) tells of embracing Asian cuisine with a passion that balances tradition and innovation. His journey began in a professional kitchen during a work and travel program, choosing a path initially not supported by his family. However, his dedication to cuisine led him to win numerous awards.

Chef Ton shared with Koktail how he overcame a major challenge in his career.

"To change people's perception of Thai food was the most challenging thing in my career. When I started the restaurant, people thought Thai food was cheap, not suitable for fine dining, and wouldn't pay for it. I believe this was the most challenging thing I tried to change ten years ago. Luckily, I have achieved that, and now we see many good Thai restaurants popping up around the country."

Chef Ton further commented on what he hopes viewers take away after watching 'Chefs Uncut.'

"I hope they see the positive side of this career and take away the lesson that whatever challenges you face in life, try to remain positive. When the time is right, your efforts will pay off. Don't give up."

He also gave advice to aspiring chefs starting their careers.

"Be positive, passionate, and, most importantly, work hard for what you want. Follow your dreams and your instincts."

In the series, Chef Pam (Pichaya Soontornyanakij), shares her journey from childhood dreams to achieving her goal, supported greatly by her mother. Chef Pam combines traditional and modern culinary elements in her approach, a fusion that has earned her critical acclaim.

However, the path to success as a female chef is fraught with challenges. Chef Pam shared with Koktail one of her greatest hurdles.

"One of the biggest challenges I faced in my career was when I was pregnant and became a mother. Juggling the roles of motherhood and being a chef was something that’s really hard for me at the beginning. In Thailand, there's a certain expectation of what a mother should be, and I felt stressed. However, I realised that we can manage both roles simultaneously. We just have to do the best we can to be both a mother and a chef. I overcame it."


"After watching Chefs Uncut, viewers will learn about the struggles every chef faces, and there are no shortcuts to reaching this point. So, especially for those interested in becoming chefs or cooks, don't give up. There will be failures, but one day it’s gonna be your day."

Chef Pam concluded,

"Just keep doing what you're doing, don't give up, and pursue your dreams."

Lastly, both chefs have a vision for Asian cuisine and spoke about the role they will play in its evolution.

"I hope to see Asian cuisine at the top of the world, as I believe we have a very unique cuisine compared to other continents. I hope to be at the forefront, bringing Thai and Asian cuisine to the top."

Chef Ton added cheerfully,

"I believe Asian cuisine is currently growing rapidly. For example, Thai food is now internationally known, and I hope to contribute to that growth. I'm willing to do anything to promote Asia and Thailand as a whole, and I think we need all the support from all of you."

Chef Pam concluded with a smile on her face.


Since its release on March 1, "Chefs Uncut" has been available for viewing on Netflix.