Butterbear: 10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

Koktail Magazine

24 Jun 2024

Delight in ten interesting and fun facts about Butterbear

Butterbear is blowing up on social media! If you’ve seen her on TikTok, X, or Instagram and are dying to know more, here are ten fun facts about Butterbear to get you up to speed on this adorable viral sensation.



Café Mascot

Butterbear is the mascot of Cafe Butterbear, a dessert shop that is part of the Coffee Beans by Dao chain.



Viral Dance Sensation

Butterbear's popularity skyrocketed thanks to Chinese tourists. Her cute design and charming antics, especially a dancing clip posted on social media, made her a viral hit. This clip, filmed on Children's Day earlier this year, quickly racked up views and likes, leading to her widespread fame.




Creative Mastermind

The brains behind Butterbear is Boom Thanawan, the daughter of Nattaya “Dao” Pangputhipong, who owns Coffee Beans by Dao.



T-POP Star

Butterbear is branching out from being just a dessert shop mascot. She has stepped into the T-POP industry with two singles. Her debut song, "It's ButterBear!" and another hit, "Narak Mhai Mai Roo," have helped her expand her fan base.




Butterbear’s School

According to her student ID card, Butterbear attends Little Butters Academy.



Cute Bangs

In her student ID photo, Butterbear sports cute bangs.



Concert Guest

Butterbear made a guest appearance at the AUTHENTIC MILE FIRST SOLO CONCERT of Mile Phakphum, delighting fans with her presence.



Famous Neighbor

She has also greeted SOURI, the dessert shop next door, which is owned by famous actor Win Metawin.



Best Friend Hippy

Another mascot that went viral alongside Butterbear is 'Hippy,' a purple hippo known for his dance moves. Hippy is Butterbear’s best friend and even appeared in her music video.



Meet Butterbear

If you want to meet Butterbear in person, you can find her at the Butterbear shop located on the G floor of Emsphere. She makes appearances every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For detailed schedules, check out her Instagram page: Butterbear.th.

With these facts, you’re now in the know about ButterBear, the lovable mascot who’s capturing hearts and making waves across social media. Keep an eye out for her next big move!