Breakfast Near You: 5 Must-Try Local Spots in various Bangkok Neighbourhoods

Start the day right with 5 breakfast and brunch hotspots in different Bangkok’s neighbourhoods

Curious about “must-try” breakfast or brunch places? Worry no more, we’ve curated a list for you because we know that nothing is better than waking up to good food to make your entire day as bright as ever.



Et1.5 (Lat Phrao)

Et1.5 is a newly opened brunch restaurant in Lat Phrao Soi 15, which also serves dinner. This unique restaurant is committed to protecting the environment. "Et" is an old word for "eat," and "1.5" refers to the international agreement to keep the global average surface temperature from rising above 1.5 degrees Celsius.


Every dish in the restaurant is designed with environmental sustainability in mind. The first concept is "locavore," which means using locally sourced ingredients. The second is zero waste, and the third is the reduction of livestock farming, with menu items made from insects or spirulina, and vegan options available.


Open daily 11am – 9pm




On Lok Yun (Charoen Krung)

On Lok Yun is a Thai-style American breakfast restaurant that has been open for more than 80 years. It is situated in an old shophouse that retains the atmosphere of the old era. In earlier times, it was typically frequented by political enthusiasts, while during the day, amulet collectors would gather. In the evenings, workers would come to discuss politics, and later, people would watch movies and drink coffee, as it is near the Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre.

The menu includes eggs with a choice of bacon, ham, sausage, or Chinese sausage, along with toast, coffee, and tea.


Open daily 6am - 2.30pm 




Okonomi (Sukhumvit)

Okonomi is a Japanese eatery and café that brings culinary practices from Brooklyn, New York to Bangkok. The restaurant embraces the philosophy of "Mottainai," which uses ingredients efficiently to create delicious, varied, and valued dishes with minimal waste.


The restaurant serves comfort food that combines traditional Japanese cuisine with a Western touch. Highlight menu items include 'Ichiju Sansai' or traditional Japanese breakfast, which consists of 'one soup and three rice dishes.' This meal, containing all five food groups, is served only between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Other items include Snow Crab & Avocado Benedict.


Open daily 8am – 6pm




Lazy Daisy House (Asoke)

This new restaurant in Asoke features mid-70s décor and offers a variety of comfort foods that are easy to enjoy. The menu includes coffee, rice and spaghetti dishes, bakery items, and drinks. Notable items include truffle soup, bacon and eggs, and sourdough bread.


Open daily 6am – 12am




Baan Langsuan (Langsuan)

Baan Langsuan is a home-cooking style breakfast restaurant located in a hundred-year-old house. The owner brings childhood memories to life with a menu that includes pan-fried eggs and creamy omelette with sausage on rice. The restaurant also serves traditional Thai-style coffee and steamed toast with pandan custard.


Open Tue – Sun, 7am – 5pm