Unleashing Your Inner Public Speaker: Overcoming Fear and Mastering Persuasion

Public speaking was never hard, we just didn't know the right technique

In the bustling world of corporate banking, there exists a passionate advocate for connecting young minds and fostering meaningful connections among professionals. Meet Khun Navarerk "Boat" Kaewphakdee, a corporate banking specialist at Bank of America and a board member of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT). Boat's enthusiasm and dedication to creating platforms that engage and inspire younger audiences have proven transformative in the professional lives of many.

Setting the Stage

Picture a captivating event titled "Speak to Succeed: Mastering the Art of Persuasion." Boat, the mastermind behind this gathering, brought together two exceptional speakers, Dr.Arnulfo S.Aniel (Arnie), people & organisational development consultant and Alisa Chalerychit, former member of the Thailand national debate team and champion, come together to shed light on the secrets of overcoming the fear of public speaking and becoming persuasive communicators. Attendees were about to embark on a journey that would propel them towards becoming a confident speaker.

Understanding and Overcoming Fear

The session kicked off with Dr.Arnie taking the stage where he delved into the root causes of the pervasive fear of public speaking, highlighting common indicators such as nervousness, anxiety, and the fear of being judged. His message resonated with the audience, as research suggests that a staggering 75% of people fear public speaking, yet only a mere 8% seek professional help. 

He emphasised that practice makes progress, not perfection. It's important to understand that judgement from others is natural, and how we choose to respond to it is crucial for success as a speaker. Calming nerves and reducing stress during a speech can be achieved through the 2-4-8 breathing technique—inhale for 2 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, exhale for 8 seconds. Lastly, establishing a connection requires knowing yourself and knowing your audience. 

Techniques to Become an Effective Public Speaker

As the event unfolded, the audience absorbed Alisa's profound insights into the art of persuasion. Alisa introduced Aristotle's persuasive method, a timeless framework for winning hearts and minds where she unveiled the three pillars of persuasion: ethos, pathos, and logos.

Ethos, the establishment of credibility and trust. Alisa shared powerful anecdotes of individuals who had built reputations through education, testimonials, and determination. The importance of trust in effective persuasion became crystal clear.

Pathos, the art of appealing to emotions. Alisa delved into the emotional connection that drives individuals to take action, emphasising the power of empathy and understanding pain points. Hearts were stirred, and minds opened to the transformative potential of persuasive communication.

Logos, the use of logical reasoning and concrete evidence, completes the triumvirate of persuasive tools. Alisa presented examples of how factual evidence and clear advantages can strengthen arguments and sway even the most sceptical minds. 

Empowering Young Professionals

Photo: Courtesy of BCCT

Photo: Courtesy of BCCT

Photo: Courtesy of BCCT

Photo: Courtesy of BCCT

Boat aims to empower young professionals by providing them with networking opportunities with industry leaders who not only share their expertise but act as mentors, guiding the younger generation in managing their careers.  With Boat's effort’s and the insights shared by Arnie and Alisa, the audience at the "Speak to Succeed" event discovered that public speaking is not an insurmountable challenge but rather an art to be mastered. Being a young professional myself, their speech was incredibly empowering. I could relate to their insights and understand the essential changes required to be a successful public speaker. 

Remember that, even the most confident speakers were once nervous beginners. With practice, continuous improvement, and the techniques shared by Arnie and Alisa, you too can transform your fear of public speaking and become a confident, persuasive speaker. Look out for future events organised by Boat and if you have an interesting topic idea, send an email to navarerk.k@gmail.com

The writer was invited to this event by the host, Khun Navarerk "Boat" Kaewphakdee.