The Fusion of Art and Cuisine: A Journey through Creative Gastronomy.

Gallery dining where every dish becomes a masterpiece carefully crafted.

A restaurant may not be merely a haven for culinary indulgence; it can be a canvas for artistic expression. Visionary chefs are pushing the boundaries of gastronomy by transforming their dishes into works of art using innovative plating techniques and intricate designs that blur the lines between food and art.


A dining room can be a force for showcasing artistic creativity just as a gallery can display captivating artworks. Executive chef Riley Sanders, the creative visionary behind Canvas aims for each plate to be a work of art, inviting you to savour a symphony of flavours. On every table, there is a menu containing pictures of chef Riley’s paintings representing the dishes to be served. As chef Riley says, “An exploration of the relationship between colour and flavour in food, using the highest quality Thai ingredients, emphasising vibrant colours, textures, and flavours in bold, delicate balance.” Chef Riley’s painting for the menu Fuchsia Fried Pigeon Leg can be compared to the art of Willem de Kooning, a Dutch-American abstract expressionist who often employed large brushes to create bold and dynamic brushstrokes. His paintings feature vibrant and intense colours, showcasing his mastery of colour theory.

Photo: Courtesy of Canvas

Photo: Courtesy of Canvas


Potong, progressive Thai-Chinese cuisine led by Chef Pam (Pichaya Soontornyanakij), tasting menu served “Yaowarat Snacks” as dessert which surprisingly came with crystal-clear plastic models that show the maps of the restaurant’s neighbourhood while the desserts represent each of the neighbourhood’s snacks. It emphasises the beauty of art through form which is one of the elements of art. While the map could link to one famous British artist who draws cities in black and white, Stephen Wiltshire, who is known for his remarkable ability to create detailed and intricate cityscape drawings from memory. His black-and-white drawings capture the architectural elements and urban landscapes of various cities around the world.

Petits Plats

Petits Plats is where the French and the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean merge in perfect harmony. Petit Plats which mean little plates showcases the mastery of chefs who have the creativity to transform each dish into a miniature masterpiece. It enhances the balance between aesthetics and taste as chefs transform signature dishes and ingredients into bite-sized works of art. This creates space in the plate which makes the food look more distinguished which could be compared to the art of Wassily Kandinsky, an artist known for using circles and central compositions in his artwork. He believed that colours and shapes had inherent spiritual and emotional qualities. In many of his paintings, Kandinsky used circular forms and centred compositions to create a sense of balance and harmony.