Koktail Archive Presents: How to Beat Plastic Pollution

Koktail Magazine

05 Jun 2023

Let's celebrate World Environment Day with Koktail's tips to safeguard our planet!

On June 5th every year, we mark World Environment Day—a significant occasion dedicated to raising global awareness about environmental issues and promoting actions to protect and preserve our surroundings. This observance originated in 1972 with the United Nations General Assembly, coinciding with the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment—the first major international gathering addressing environmental concerns.

World Environment Day holds immense importance as it brings together governments, organizations, communities, and individuals worldwide, uniting efforts to tackle environmental challenges and promote sustainable development.

This year's theme, #BeatPlasticPollution, spotlights the steps taken by individuals, governments, and businesses to combat plastic waste and transition towards a circular economy. To align with the theme, we've compiled some fun strategies and actions that can help us defeat plastic pollution:



Embrace Plastic-Free Living and Reduce Single-Use Plastics

Let's think circularly to minimize waste. Embrace reusable items that prevent single-use plastics from entering our ecosystem. Treat reusable shopping bags as essentials, just like your wallet and phone. Keep some near your entrance or in your car trunk to avoid forgetting them. If you're a regular at cafes or bubble tea spots, consider getting your own reusable takeaway cup (and straw). And when it comes to shampoo, detergent, and PET bottles, choose products packaged sustainably, like paper cartons, or explore refill shops for basic essentials such as liquid soap and detergents. If you can't avoid plastic entirely, make sure to recycle it.



Say No to Microplastics

We've all seen those videos of plastic getting stuck in the throats of fish and turtles—it's not a pleasant sight. Microplastics pose a serious threat to marine life and can enter our food chain. To combat this, opt for natural alternatives instead of products containing microplastics. Additionally, be mindful of synthetic clothing, as it sheds microfibers during washing. Consider using a washing bag or filter specifically designed to capture these microplastics.



Recycle and Dispose of Plastic Properly

Always dispose of plastic waste correctly by separating it for recycling. Follow the recycling guidelines in your area, and encourage others to do the same. Proper recycling and disposal prevent plastic from ending up in landfills, lakes, and rivers.



Support Plastic-Free Initiatives and Raise Awareness

Show your support for businesses and local stores committed to reducing plastic pollution. Advocate for plastic-free policies in your community. Take the opportunity to educate others about the environmental impact of plastic pollution whenever you can. Participate in campaigns, organize community events, or share information on social media to raise awareness about the issue.



Back Legislation, Research, and Innovation

Advocate for regulations that promote proper waste management and plastic reduction, such as encouraging your local representatives to implement policies like plastic bag bans and promote eco-friendly alternatives. Additionally, support scientific research and innovation aimed at developing sustainable solutions. Stay informed about recycling technologies, advancements in biodegradable plastics, and compostable materials.

Remember, even small changes can make a huge impact when it comes to protecting the environment. World Environment Day serves as a reminder to work towards long-term goals of safeguarding our planet. Let's all play our part in ensuring a better future for the Earth—a more sustainable and resilient home for everyone.