Calling Chocolate Connoisseurs: Discover 7 Exceptional Chocolate Labels from Thailand

Not only does chocolate taste like heaven, but its appeal also lies in its ability to evoke positive emotions, create connections, and provide a momentary escape into a world of delight

Once upon a time, in the ancient lands of Mesoamerica, the Mayans and Aztecs stumbled upon a miraculous treasure: cacao. They believed this magical bean possessed divine powers and was made up of a potion called chocolate. However, as explorers set sail across the vast oceans, they encountered these mesmerising beans and carried them back to the shores of Europe. It didn’t take long for them to fall under chocolate’s enchanting spell. Sweetened with just a tiny sprinkle of sugar, the bitter drink turned it into a heavenly drink. As time went on, chocolate became the muse of creative confectioners. With many creations, smoothness and creaminess came into the picture by adding milk to chocolate- a velvety symphony of flavours on your tongue. 

“Chocolate is like a delicious, magical pill to a better frame of mind.”

Fast forward to the present, the world is filled with an array of chocolate wonders. It's a playground of flavours, from rich dark chocolate to creamy milk chocolate, decadent bonbons, bars, truffles, there are countless forms of chocolate that hold a special place in people’s hearts. So much so, it goes beyond being a simple confection but rather something people resonate with in many ways. Ranging from pleasure, emotional comfort, celebration, nostalgia, cultural significance, and romance. 

In honour of World Chocolate Day which is celebrated yearly on July 7, a day that salutes the existence of chocolate, Koktail has rounded up seven exceptional Thai chocolate labels that are specifically made in Thailand. Explore and Indulge in a symphony of flavours with each delectable bite.

Böhnchen & Co.

If you're on a keto diet or aiming for a healthy nutrition plan, Böhnchen & Co. is your go-to destination for delectable low-carb chocolate. As a dedicated bean-to-bar chocolatier, they offer an array of keto-friendly treats, including sugar-free dark, milk, and white chocolate bars.

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An award-winning Thai chocolatier, the shop is renowned for its remarkable collection of fine cacao beans sourced from both local plantations and around the globe. From exquisite chocolate bonbons to indulgent chocolate bars, the label also offers a signature coffee that goes flawlessly well with their delectable creations. 

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With the objective of creating exceptional Thai chocolate, KanVela chocolate bars are crafted from the finest beans sourced from healthy cacao trees, meticulously nurtured and cultivated in their own orchards. Through extensive research and testing, they have developed a production process that perfectly suits local ingredients. Known as the "KanVela Method," this approach is a result of their sustainable cacao orchard management practices, collaboration with farmers, and innovative flavour creations in their factories. Thanks to this method, KanVela has garnered numerous accolades on a global scale, including the prestigious International Rising Star Award presented by the esteemed Academy of Chocolate in the United Kingdom.

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Kad KoKoa

Embracing inherent flavours of cacao beans, Kad Kokoa refrains from adding any additives in their chocolate-making process. Created meticulously, their chocolates have even triumphed in international competitions. It would be a bad idea not to get a taste of their chocolates.

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Sarath N. Chocolatier

Renowned for their artistic flair, indulge in the exquisite creations of chef Sarath Nimlamai, masterfully handcrafting each delectable treat. While you'll find delightful classics, this Thai chocolatier also dares to venture into bold and adventurous flavours, such as “Black Pepper White Chocolate”.

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Aimmika Chocolate

Indulge in the guilt-free delights of Aimmika Chocolate, specially crafted for plant-based enthusiasts. These vegan chocolate bars are a testament to both health and indulgence, featuring a delightful combination of Thai organic cocoa beans and organic brown sugar. 

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Chocolasia offers a captivating array of handcrafted delights. Within these chocolate-infused borders, every bar and product is carefully created from scratch, starting with the grinding of cocoa beans, and carefully transforming them into exquisite cocoa powder, velvety cocoa butter, and ultimately, a masterpiece in the form of a premium chocolate bar. 

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