Inspired by Nature: French Company Develops Wind-Generating Trees Combining High Technology and Design

Planting a Wind Tree allows to save the equivalent of 864 kg of coal per year

Calling all technology geeks. A French company called “New World Wind” has developed a unique wind farm that looks like a tree with leaves looking almost like life-sized Legos. The company is inspired by nature and offers customisable local solutions capable of providing powerful and sustainable electrical service.

New World Wind—The Wind Tree

The Wind Tree involves the creation of artificial trees featuring three steel trunks along with smaller branches, all of which accommodate miniature wind turbines resembling leaves. Even a gentle breeze sets these leaves into motion, providing an environmentally friendly form of energy.

Offering three types of wind turbines—bushes, trees, and hybrid models—all include solar panels and have a power range from 300 W to 10 kW. Each wind turbine consists of 3-5 trunks and steel branches, to which 18 to 30 airfoils are attached. Amazingly, a wind tree can power public furniture, a car park, offices, or even charging stations for electric cars. 

These tree-like wind turbines can be utilised both in urban areas and natural surroundings. Their silent rotation, thanks to the direct drive mechanism, is specifically designed to capture the weakest and most turbulent winds effectively. In terms of space, each tree requires approximately 11 metres of space. It can supply 83% of the energy needs for a French household, power 15 street lights, and even charge an electric car for a distance of 16,364 km. According to their website, planting one Wind Tree allows to save the equivalent of 864 kg of coal per year.

The leaves can be customised to match the colours of a company or street with the freedom to choose the colour of the tree's trunks and branches. With multiple options available, the design can be tailored to meet the specific preferences and requirements of the area’s residents. The silhouette can also be highlighted or illuminated using LED lamps. In addition, you can choose to incorporate charging terminals, depolluting sheets, or USB benches to enhance the tree's functionality and features even further.

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