Waan Thai's Sweet Creativity

Chef Chumpol Jangprai's new venture seeks to satisfy your sweet tooth

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you need to check out Waan Thai, the new spot in Thong Lor dedicated to making memorable dessert moments. Helmed by chef Chumpol Jangprai of the iconic two-Michelin-starred restaurant, R-Haan, it’s no surprise that everything on the menu is presented with grace, elegance, and beauty, and all full of flavour, showcasing the Thai culinary spirit that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Waan Thai, which of course means "Sweet Thai", showcases Thai aesthetics in modern light with its interior design, foreshadowing the kind of treatment that will be given to the feast ahead. 

Though Waan Thai highlights its sweets, it is still a Thai restaurant with authentic and filling savoury dishes. We started off with the green curry, highlighting Korat Wagyu beef, that was served with crispy roti and the Thai rice noodle with crab curry. Both were excellent, and we were then ready and excited for dessert. 

Normally, a sign of the meal's ending, desserts at Waan Thai is where the meal kind of begins. The restaurant takes traditional Thai desserts to the next level with modern gastronomic techniques and innovative twists.

The “Wisdom of Thai Desserts” is a four-dessert and four-savoury-bites combo that includes a selection of herbal tea for palate cleansing. Our favourite within the set was the Thap Sakae: coconut milk ice cream topped with Kamphaeng Phet candied banana in honey, served in a coconut shell with crushed dry ice dissolving in the air. 

Another memorable delight within the set was the Thai Mon Thong Durian Cheese Cake. Using a special dough recipe, after it's baked, the round tart is beautifully garnished with crispy grated coconut flakes for a crunchy texture. For a more refreshing treat, the Som Choon Royal is lychee stuffed with green mango in syrup. The sliced mango is encased in the lychee, which has been soaked in a house citron-infused syrup overnight. Perfect for those who love citrus flavours, this dessert is one of the many encapsulations of Waan Thai's sweet creativity.

Waan Thai
131 Sukhumvit Soi 53 (Thong Lor Soi 9)

Open daily 11am-5pm
waanthai.com, 094-215-3945