Koktail TV Guide: What to Watch in July

Eric E. Surbano

01 Jul 2022

Our picks for what to watch this month

Take a mad romp through the multiverse, swoon over some classic Jane Austen, and get some ideas for your, um, special room. Here are our picks for what to look forward to on your streaming platforms in July. 



Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Premieres on July 1 on Disney+ Hotstar

When a mysterious monster appears out of nowhere, seemingly chasing a teenager named America Chavez, Stephen Strange tries to get to the bottom of what it’s all about. What he isn't counting on is how this journey will take him to multiple universes—and how it will pit him against the strongest Avenger. 



Black Bird

Premieres on July 8 on Apple TV+

Inspired by actual events, Jimmy Keene is a high school football hero, the son of a decorated policeman… and a convict. However, he’s given a choice: befriend an alleged serial killer and gather information so the police can find the bodies of his suspected victims, or serve his ten-year sentence with no parole. 



How to Build a Sex Room

Premieres on July 8 on Netflix

It’s like those shows where they build houses but spicier. Luxury interior designer Melanie Rose tackles the job of creating stylish and aesthetically-pleasing rooms for… strenuous and intimate physical activities involving two (or more) people.




Premieres on July 15 on Netflix

Based on the Jane Austen novel of the same name, Anne Elliot finds herself shaken when the dashing Frederick Wentworth returns to her life. The two have a romantic past, which was abruptly cut short by Anne when she chose her family over him. Now, she must decide whether she still has feelings for him—and if he’ll be keen on taking her back—or if it would be better to move on. 



The Rehearsal

Premieres on July 16 on HBO GO

Comedian Nathan Fielder wants to help people by preparing them for the uncertainties of life. The six-episode comedy series will show people “rehearsing” for real-life events that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to prepare for. Will they succeed or fail in hilarious fashion?



The Gray Man

Premieres on July 22 on Netflix 

Court Gentry, AKA Sierra Six, was once the CIA’s most skilled operative, but now he finds himself on the run from them after uncovering dangerous secrets. He has his work cut out for him as the person hunting him down is the psychopathic and determined Lloyd Hansen, who has also put a bounty on Gentry's head, causing many people to come after him.