The World’s First Plantable Eyeliner Turns Into Wildflowers

A product that’ll give makeup and gardening enthusiasts a kick

Taking sustainable beauty to the next level is Sprout Eyeliner, the world’s first plantable eyeliner that will get a second life as a beautiful plant. Yes, you heard that right. These eyeliner pencils will literally sprout after you’ve used them up and purposefully disposed of them in soil. At the end of each wooden pencil is a dissolvable plant-based capsule containing non-GMO seeds inside. Watch your discarded beauty product grow into one of eleven different bee-friendly herbs or flowers, including basil, thyme, chia, sunflower and spruce.

This ingenious product comes to us from Danish company Sprout World, a specialist in sustainable writing instruments that has recently branched out into the world of beauty. It took Sprout World several years to develop its patented plantable eyeliner, which is composed of certified sustainably harvested wood, a soluble cellulose cap and a recyclable sugar cane cap. The Sprout Eyeliner is developed without microplastics and is allergy certified, while the black eyeliner formula itself is also vegan, making it the ultimate conscious eyeliner.

Before Sprout Eyeliner, makeup consumers were left to either toss the stubs of their pencil eyeliner in the trash, find rare refillables or worst, simply throw away plastic. With Sprout, eyeliner never ends up as trash but rather lives on as something useful and beautiful to both our environment and to us.  

The eyeliner is available online at Sprout World for 12.95 euros (approximately 495 baht).