The Sims 4 Introduces Transgender-Inclusive Options

We’ve come a long way in simulated reality

As part of a wider effort from Electronic Arts (EA) to be more inclusive and provide players more customisation options, The Sims recently announced some ground-breaking transgender-inclusive options, as well as features for disabled fans.

The new update includes the introduction of top surgery scars and chest binders. Not only that, the move also represents more inclusivity for the disability community, with a new medical wearables category which enables players to add things like hearing aids that come in 15 different colors, and also a glucose monitor for the arms or lower abdomen.

Fans were thrilled and reacted to the new update with praise, writing on Twitter:

While it’s true the world has become much more accepting towards the LGBTQ+ community than back in the day, those who identify as queer, transgender, and nonbinary still occupy a scary and unsafe place in society. Fatal violence against the transgender and gender non-conforming community persists. Lawmakers aren’t helping, more times contributing to alienation and marginalisation with heteronormative legislation or anti-queer statements. With the present reality remaining grim, any positive move is welcome. Even in the virtual space.

Although it might seem like a minor update to many, it’s a sign that big companies see the value in adding features like this. Despite the fact that gaming isn’t the most queer-friendly community, hopeful progress has been made in recent years with more queer storylines, in games like The Last of Us Part 2, Tell Me Why, Life is Strange, Ikenfell, and If Found.