Best Album Cover goes to ‘The Greng Jai Piece’ by Phum Viphurit

On his sophomore album, the Thai singer-songwriter aims to challenge norms and tackle sensitive issues

Rising star Phum Viphurit recently won “Best Album Cover” at the T-Pop of the Year Music Awards for his album cover The Greng Jai Piece, which is beautifully drawn by Thai artist Sarawut Panhnu.

'The Greng Jai Piece' album cover drawn by Sarawut Panhnu

The cover seems to depict some sort of lively, traditional temple fair. Then there’s this gigantic sloth wearing headphones, holding a mint-green coloured electric guitar, and wearing a flower-patterned T-shirt mostly seen worn by Thais during Songkran. The whole scenario represents generational differences—how people used to listen to music then compared to now.

The art harmonises with the album’s songs all centred around topics that are difficult to tackle and are never usually talked about because of the ‘greng jai-ness’ in Thai society. While there is no exact word for “greng jai” in English, it roughly means consideration for others, and Thais are very familiar with this term.

Well known for his soulful voice, catchy melodies, and unique sound, Phum has gained a large following both in Thailand and internationally. In addition to his music, he is also known for his distinctive style and love of vintage clothing, which has inspired fans to adopt similar fashion styles.

The artist recently announced the second leg of “Greng Jai Piece Asia and Oceania Tour 2023”. 

Listen to The Greng Jai Piece on Spotify:

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